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Simple Fashion Cheats and Tips to Appear Taller, If You Are Short

People, mainly females, who consider themselves to be short and are displeased with it should know one thing: “Everything is in your hands”. Be thankful of what God has given and know you can do a lot to decrease or increase your height. You are not going to get some inches more, but at least you can have a look of a taller person than what you are. Follow the below given options to make a taller look.

High waist clothing: This is one of the most effective methods. Wearing high waist skirts, shorts and pants you are going to look taller than you have expected. If you are not comfortable in completely high waist clothes then you can have high waist from front and simple from back side. This will do.

Platforms: Another way to appear taller is wearing platforms. Platforms are meant to have extra height and they are very special for looking taller, as high hills are still making you look on something high, but with platforms no one is going to see the height of your shoes but only your whole appearance is going to look taller. Wedges, booties and high boots are also appreciated.

Matching colors: A lot is going to be changed if you match your pants’ color with platform’s color. If you wear blue jeans, try to have your shoes’ hills the same color. This is going to add some more height.

Long dresses and skirts: Long skirts and dresses make such a tall look that you can wear them with sandals or flats. It also allows you feel free and confident. That is tallness and comfort, all in one.

Crop tops: With high waist skirts or pants have crop tops. They are going to stress your height making you look taller.

‘No’ to heavy fabric: Heavy fabrics or too much clothing is going to be tragic for short and petite girls. Try to wear more light weight clothes to appear taller. And more than it was said think yourself of clothing you felt yourself taller in ever.

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