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How to Attract Attention When Dressing Modestly

It is not necessary to wear clothes that show your body off. And fashion doesn’t make us do it if we don’t want to do. There is a general thought in women’s mind that if they want to attract attention they need to wear less. Not at all!  You can still be in the center of attention when dressing modestly. Here are few tips for being in modest clothing but still attractive.

The color of your outfit: Wearing bright colors like canary yellow or electric blue will attract everyone’s attention in a second. Any bright color long dress will keep a lot of looks towards you while you are modest and still being a secret beauty for all.

Dress vintage: Vintage clothing is another step to the victory. Dressing vintage is going to take everyone’s attention for long. This is an option to wear modest but to attract as if you were in mini skirt.

Dress your colors: It is enough to wear a particular color to check if that color suits you or no. There are colors that in no way look good on you. Skin tone, eye color has a lot to do with it. Find your colors still wearing modestly to make sure your matching color can do more than a mini dress.

Use accessories:  Jewelry is one of the tricks to attract attentions. While you are in the simplest dressing you can look chic in everyone’s eyes. Have not only jewelry but also hats, scarfs and other accessories you feel comfortable with. Prove everyone that even with the dullest clothing you can look modest and fabulous and be attractive.

Makeup: Right after your outfit, attention goes to face appearance. Makeup plays a big role in this. Eyeliner and a shiny lipstick can change whole your face look, giving you a more awake and smarter look with makeup.

An icon from past: 1940s to 50s there were so many famous artists wearing modestly but still taking million’s attentions and even hearts. If you get for example Audrey Hepburn as your fashion icon you can go a lot far with your dressing modestly and still attracting many.

Wearing what is yours:  All of us have type of clothing that makes feel most comfortable and confident in. This is one of the ways to show a true beauty with a confident face. Wear what you really think is yours.

It is not bad if you don’t like to show your body off, but it is important to leave people on their own imagination and to be a secret for others.

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