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Accessory Trend: The Classic Gemstone Is Back To Fashion!

Accessories help you complete your trendy look. The runway of spring/summer 2014 shows a great variety of classic gemstones. This trend was created by Karl Lagerfeld, who adorned his models with amazing gemstones.

You can see classic gemstones not only on the red carpet but in the street, as well. It means that this fabulous accessory is again back to fashion.    

1.  Emma Watson’s Classic Gemstone

Emma Watson is one of the celebrities, who highlighted her beautiful look, wearing fabulous pearl earrings. She matched her ivory-shaded pearl with her berry lips. This accessory perfectly went with her evening dress in a tomato shade.

2.  Elena Perminova’s Classic Gemstone

Elena Perminova’s look was screaming in her trendy pearl ring. She completed her feminine and gorgeous look with a pink mani and accessorized her ring with a feather bracelet.

3.  Margot Robbie’s Classic Gemstone

This beauty appeared at the New York Fashion Week, pulling off a classic gemstone. Her pearl earrings had the form of a spider, which made her look astounding.

4.  Olga Kurylenko’s Classic Gemstone

This actress, having a French origin, created her trendy look wearing chic bracelets. It was decorated with pearl stones, which created a great contrast with her conservative outfits.

5.  Rihanna’s Classic Gemstone

Rihanna is always at the spot of the trend. Thus, it’s not new to us that at the American Music Award we saw Rihanna, pulling off pearl earrings, which looked great with her gorgeous necklace.

6.  Zoe Saldana’s Classic Gemstone

Having a look at Zoe Saldana’s glamorous accessory, you will see that the classic gemstone is back to fashion. Her pearl bracelet gave her an eternal look. It was ideally matched with her brandy evening dress with ruffles.

7.  Shala Monroque’s Classic Gemstone

Shala Monroque accessorized her ensemble with a pearl necklace. This quite simple but fashionable accessory makes everyone pay attention to her stunning look.

8.  Accessorize Your Hair with Classic Gemstone

This fashion may be worn on hair as a great accessory. To get a street style, you may go for a pearl hairpiece and highlight your chic hairstyle. It will give you charm and extra femininity.

9.  Abigali Breslin’s Classic Gemstone

The famous actress stepped on the red carpet in pearl earrings. Her fashionable look was achieved when she paired her classic gemstone with a side fishtail hairstyle.

10.  Nicole Warne’s Classic Gemstone

A classic gemstone appears in fashion in various forms. Nicole Warne thrills us with her long pearl earrings. Her brandy shirt made of chiffon brightened her look and gave her extra femininity.

This year you should give preference to the accessory trend. Bear in your mind that the classic gemstone is back to fashion!

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