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How to Add Bounce to the Hair

Having bouncy and textured hair is the desired hair look for each girl. You may get texture using various methods, but the secret of having bouncy hair lies in how you look after your locks.

There are hair products, which are able to add bounce to the hair. However, you had better get bounce taking a good care of your tresses.

Purify Your Hair

Using regular shampoo doesn’t make your hair super clean. Be assured that your tresses are completely clean in order to add bounce. You had better apply purifying shampoos frequently, as they are able to remove the dirt from your hair, and get rid of the product buildup.

Choose the Right Type of Shampoo

If you want to achieve bounce and texture, you had better avoid using volume-enhancing shampoos. Applying this type of shampoo, your hair will be weighty and won’t provide your hair with the necessary bounce. You may opt for organic shampoos, as they are high in healthy ingredients. You may also try several shampoos and find out which of them suits your hair best.

Don’t Wash Your Hair with Hot Water

If you look for a bounce for your hair, you should avoid washing your tresses with too hot water. It is as harmful for your hair as the heating tools. Go for lukewarm water and you will be able to add bounce to your tresses.

Don’t Overuse the Conditioner

Conditioning is a great hair treatment but it doesn’t mean that you should apply it each day. Otherwise, your hair will lose its bounce. In case of thick and rough hair, you may go for the beneficial qualities of the conditioner. If you apply it on thin hair, your tresses will become weighty. Following this tip, you will add bounce to your locks.

Dry Your Hair in the Right Way

Your hair will get texture and bounce, if you dry it in the right way. When you dry your tresses with a hair-dryer, you should also go for a hairbrush to get the desired bounce. A comb having wide teeth is also a great method to achieve hair bounce.

Choose Right Products

Here is another easy way to add bounce to the hair. Go for a volume-enhancing mousse and use it before drying your tresses with a blow dryer. Applying this product on your hair roots, you will get the wanted bounce. Don’t overuse mousse, as it will make the bounce disappear.

Use Big Rollers

Using big rollers is another way to add bounce to the hair. If your hair is wavy or curly, then you are more likely to have bounce. However, you may define your soft waves applying big rollers. Make your fingers go through your curls for a bouncy look.

Create a Proper Haircut

If your hair is of the equal length, you will not have any bounce. You had better cut your hair a little shorter or just create layers for bounce. Both the movement and the texture will be achieved, if you choose a proper haircut.

Handle Your Tresses

Hairstylists find that handling tresses will give your hair extra bounce. In case you notice that your hair is a little flat, go for this method. Avoid handling your tresses, if you have applied hairspray.

Get a youthful and gorgeous look, adding bounce to the hair. Try the best recommendations and enjoy your bouncy hair. 

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