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Fashion Rules to Stick to for Successful Looks

To look fashionable, you should go for experiments, which can give rise to curious and chic looks. However, you should be very careful while matching various tones and materials.

Consider these fashion rules to stick to for successful looks. They are not too strict, so you may easily get adapted to them.

Try before Buying

You will surely break one of the fashion rules, if you buy outfits without wearing them. Don’t hurry, as you will spoil your successful look. In this case you may choose a wrong hue or your outfit will not sit on you perfectly. You should also know that this rule doesn’t refer to lingerie and swimwear.

Don’t Blend Various Prints

Blending two prints is trendy, if you do it in the right way. However, you should stick to this fashion rule for your successful look: never mix three or more prints together. Don’t take printed bags or shoes with your printed outfit. It will surely shift the attention from your gorgeous look.

Don’t Put Together Silver and Gold

If your accessory combines both silver and gold, you may pull it off. However, you are recommended staying away from those accessories, which put silver and gold together. This is one of the fashion rules to stick to for successful looks.

Don’t Combine Black and Brown

Designers consider that blending brown and black outfits, you will break one of the essential fashion rules. In case you can’t stay away from pulling off this color combination, you had better add accessories in contrasting tones.

Avoid Too Much Glitter

Many girls prefer pulling off sequins and match them with demure items during the day, which will give them a stylish look. However, it doesn’t signify that we should avoid enlisting it among those fashion rules that should not be broken for successful looks. Thus, keep your glowy looks for a party.

Buy Only the Necessary Outfits

Probably, it is one of the important fashion rules to stick to for a successful look. Don’t fill your wardrobe with outfits, which you never pull off. Throw them away and find a space for new and stylish pieces. Replace the old items with the new ones.

Don’t Match Shoes with Bags

 It will look stunning, if you match the color of your shoes with that of your bag. However, be attentive not to overload with it, as it is one of the fashion rules, you should stick to.

Don’t Overuse Denim

Though denim is fashionable, you shouldn’t wear too much denim. Denim will look great not on all women. Stick to this fashion rule and combine your denim with a printed top.

Don’t Combine Black and Navy

Combining black and navy is another fashion rule you should stick to. Your whole look will be dark, if you pull off outfits in black and navy tones. You had better accessorize your look with a bright belt or just wear jewelry.

Skip Pulling off White after the Labor Day

You had better avoid wearing white outfits after the Labor Day. Send away your white dresses or sandals, as it is a great fashion rule to stick to. Instead, create your successful look, pulling off luxury white in winter.       

Stick to the mentioned above fashion rules and achieve successful looks during the whole year.

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