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Cute Beanies to Wear All The Other Days Too Besides The Weekend

Recently beanies have become as popular as all other accessories. You might have never thought of it but fact is beanies stand on high fashion status. Some living in warmer parts dream for a cold weather so they can join the millions wearing it.

Beanies can be just as simple as a round fabric, thin or thick edge folded or without folded edge. A flower can be attached to it on a side or a yarn pom pom on the top.

It may seem easy to wear beanies but here are some details you should know.

One way you can wear a pretty simple beanie is wearing it over the forehead, down part till the back of your head. This way your ears also will be covered and you will feel warm, comfortable and fashionable.

While wearing a beanie you need to consider you hair: if they are going under the beanie or the beanie will be worn over, leaving hair simply out.  Anyways, think that leaving hair out of the beanie is stylish and natural. Another reason for hair to stay out is after you take the beanie off you won’t need to struggle with your tangled hair.

If you still doubt on your hair staying not tangled after beanie, you can make a loose side braid. After taking your beanie off you just need to open the braid and take your fingers through your naturally waved hair.

Those having bangs are advised to leave it out of the beanie. It can be swept to one side and even if you have trouble with it you can hide it under the beanie.

As there are different kinds of beanies, you should take care of their shape. There are cropped and slouchy ones. While cropped ones can be worn in few different ways, slouchy ones should be worn in a proper way to look great. Back part of it should be slouchy and loose while the top is pushed on.

Take care of the color and match them with your coat and/or blouse.

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