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Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities At Grammy Awards 2014

Chrissy Teigen at the Grammy Awards 2014

Each year we create a list of the best-dressed celebrities at Grammy Awards. Here are top 10 best-dressed celebrities at Grammy Awards 2014. This year metallic dresses were dominating. 1.  Taylor Swift’s Gucci Gown Taylor Swift looked fabulous, wearing a metallic gown with long sleeves. Its eye-screaming hue made the great singer‘s figure look ideal. […]

Hollywood Stars Who Changed Weight for a Role

Hilary Swank

Have a look at celebrities and you will notice great changes in their looks. Here are Hollywood stars, who changed weight for a role. They become either fatter or slimmer. 1.  Christian Bale had to change his weight for a role in American Hustle. He became plump, gaining 40 pounds. Christian ate junk food with […]

Best 2013 Celeb Hairstyles to Wear in 2014

Karlie Kloss with short bob

If you can’t choose a gorgeous hairstyle to wear in 2014, you had better find your inspiration among the best 2013 celeb hairstyles. Bravely experiment with any of them and look different each day. Have a look at the best 2013 celebrity hairstyles to wear in 2014. 1.  Amy Adams’ Classy Updo Hairstyle Amy Adams […]

Kate Middleton’s Style Evolution

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Kate Middleton is already well-known for her sense of high fashion. In fact the young Duchess always manages to add an elegant allure to her look which we think is something that comes naturally. Thus, take a look at the style evolution of the Duchess and see what memorable appearances Kate Middleton has! Country Inspired […]

Kate Middleton’s Best Hair Moments of Her 31st Year

Kate Middleton

Each celebrity has her own hairstyle history. You may draw your inspiration from such amazing woman as Kate Middleton. At the age of 31, she wore the most stunning hair looks. In this post, we have decided to sum up Kate Middleton’s best hair moments of her 31st year. 1.  Kate Middleton’s Post Pregnancy Hairstyle […]

Best and Worst Moments of 2014 Golden Globes

Margot robbie at the 2014 Golden Globes

We are sure that everyone is interested in the best and worst moments of 2014 Golden Globes. In this post, we have tried to collect some of them. Have a look at the best and worst moments of the celebrities. For instance, Kerry Washington revealed that she was going to have a baby while being […]

Golden Globes 2014 Best Dressed Celebrities

Golden Globes 2014 Best Dressed Celebrities

Many celebrities show their gorgeous dresses on the red carpet of Golden Globes 2014. Below, we have collected Golden Globes 2014 best dresses celebrities. Tina Fey was one of the best-dressed celebrities of Golden Globes 2014. Her brandy black dress was adorned with prints like flowers. It helped Tina Key create her iconic look. Amy […]

Best Golden Globes 2014 Hair and Makeup Looks

Taylor Swift Kate Mara at the Golden Globes 2014

Due to the Golden Globes, today we are provided with the best hair and makeup looks of 2014. We give the following seven celebrities the honor of having the best Golden Globes 2014 hair and makeup looks. These women look gorgeous and attractive and can be a great inspiration for everyone. Have a look at […]

Celeb Engagement Rings That Will Make You Tie The Knot

Celeb Engagement Rings That Will Make You Tie The Knot

Anything that refers to our beloved celebrities interests us but big events and to be more concrete events such as engagements and weddings always get a bit of more attention than anything else. In fact what especially interests as is the luxurious engagement ring shown off by our favorite stars! Thus, to make it easier […]