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Hollywood Stars Who Changed Weight for a Role

Have a look at celebrities and you will notice great changes in their looks. Here are Hollywood stars, who changed weight for a role. They become either fatter or slimmer.

1.  Christian Bale had to change his weight for a role in American Hustle. He became plump, gaining 40 pounds. Christian ate junk food with great pleasure and due to the cheeseburgers, he became a real fat man.

2.  Anne Hathaway is one of the Hollywood stars, who changed her weight for a role. To resemble a peasant who is starving, she had to lose calories. Her diet was too strict, as she was allowed to have just a shake and apples daily. Anne Hathaway also had a trainer to help her lose weight.

3.  Vanessa Hudgens was to gain extra weight in order to play the role of a teenager, who was pregnant. To convince the audience, she had to gain not only 10 pounds, but also chop her long tresses and go for piercings.

4.  For a great role, Renee Zellweger had to become fatter. To achieve it, she ate pizzas and doughnuts and gained 28 calories. This Hollywood star also went for a special diet, recommended by a nutritionist, to gain extra weight.

5.  Charlize Theron was one of the Hollywood stars, who went for sacrifices for a great role. She gained 30 pounds and became stronger due to crisps. Three months was enough for this weight change.

6.  The great celebrity Amy Adams changed her weight for a role. In one of the films, she was to look a bit fat and put on shorts together with crop tops. She had to resemble a girl, who was fond of beer.

7.  Have a look at Julia Roberts in the film “Liz Gilbert in Eat Pray Love” and you will see how slim she looked. For this role she almost refused eating, in order to change her weight.

8.  The Hollywood star Hilary Swank completely changed her look to look like a real boxer in the film. She strengthened her muscles, enlarging the use of foods, high in protein. Hilary gave preference to raw fish and went for egg whites. She also trained her body and spent time on boxing.

9.  Natalie Portman is among those Hollywood stars, who had to lose weight for a role. In Black Swan, she lost 20lbs. Natalie went for swimming, trained her body and was busy with ballet.

10.  Toni Collette went for changes to play a great role. The dietician helped her to change her weight, adding extra 40 pounds.

These Hollywood stars changed weight and looked quite different just for a role in the film.

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