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Tomboy Style Icons to Get Inspired From

Tomboy style is trendy for this season. Those, who are fond of this extraordinary look, may draw inspiration from the best tomboy style icons. You will surely achieve a fashionable look.

1.  Having splendid curves, Salma Hayek is a great inspiration of tomboy style. She rocked a blue suit and paired it with a navy tie. She accessorized her look with a trendy clutch in a silver tone. Her updo hairstyle completed her tomboy style.

2.  Here is one of our tomboy style icons, you may get inspired by. This actress wore a tailored suit, which was combining elements of male and female. Felicity Jones matched her outfit with a chic bob and a trendy bang. Thus, she matched feminine and manlike looks and created a tomboy style.

3.  Cara Delevingne is one of the icons of tomboy style. She pulled off a slogan t-shirt under a man’s jacket, called tuxedo, and looked fashionable on the red carpet. Cara cut her hair in a boyish style and amazed her fans.

4.  We regard Diane Keaton as the queen of the tomboy style. She is one of the icons, you may get inspired by. Diane was for wide trousers and boyish shirts. She wore a vest and paired it with a tie.

5.  Get inspired by Ellie Goulding’s tomboy style. She shocked her fans with jeans shorts and stylish tees in a slogan style. Her pink tresses completed the extraordinary style.

6.  Each girl may draw inspiration from the great actress Jean Seberg’s tomboy style. She paired her short crop hairstyle with droopy denim and stylish T-shirts with stripes. The large knits provided her with a boyish style.

7.  To look unique in your tomboy style, have a look at the famous singer Janelle Monae. Her tuxedo and one-colored suit gave an elegant look to her tomboy style.

8.  If you want to wear a tomboy style and look glamorous at the same time, get inspired by Marlene Dietrich’s male suit, consisting of three pieces. She also pulled off a chic beret or a cool fedora.

9.  The world-famous model Freja Beha Erichsen had an enviable look, rocking a tomboy style. She pulled off thin jeans in a black color and paired it with black droopy shirts. The jackets made of leather completed her tomboy style.

10.  Lou Doillon may inspire you with her exquisite tomboy style. She wore thin jeans with ankle boots and accessorized her look with fedoras. You may also see Lou in leather jackets and messy updo hairstyles.

Create your unique style, getting inspired by the mentioned above tomboy style icons. Opt for those looks, which are dearer to your personality.

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