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Katy Perry’s Boldest Stylish Looks

Katy Perry's Boldest Stylish Looks

Katy Perry looks stylish in all her looks. Here are the best of them that may inspire ach woman. Have a look at Kate Perry’s boldest stylish looks that admire not only young men but also women. 1.  Katy Perry’s Curly Locks At the American Music Awards Katy Perry appeared in a pretty look, rocking […]

Looking For Kate: Kate Moss’ Documentary News

Kate Moss' Documentary News

Kate Moss is a star that managed to deserve our love and interest due to her great personality and hard-working and there is no need to even explain why we are super excited to announce about the new Parisian documentary filmed about one of our beloved stars: Kate Moss. In fact the idea of presenting […]

How to Style Kate Middleton’s Curls

Kate Middleton

Michael Forrey, who is the Creative Director of NYC Salon, reveals us how to style Kate Middleton’s curls. Follow this tutorial and you will be able to create Kate Middleton’s astounding look. 1.  Before drying your hair with a blow dryer, spread a little styling liquid on your hair, which has a texturizing feature. It […]

Jessica Alba’s Best Hairstyles Ever

Jessica Alba with long straight ombre hair

To look trendy, you may create celebrity hairstyles and create your flawless look. Get inspired by Jessica Alba’s best hairstyles ever. 1.  Jessica Alba looks fantastic with all her hairstyles. Recently she changed her hair shade and opted for a fabulous ombre tone. 2.  Jessica Alba chopped her long tresses and swept them to one […]

Trendy Selfie: When Celebs Have Something In Common With Us

Kim Kardashian taking a selfie

The term “selfie” is considerably new, although people took selfies many years ago. If you’re following celebrities, let’s say, on Instagram, you are sure to meet with a selfie every time you scroll down your feed. For some reason, today, taking selfies is one of the most favorite activities of celebs. This way, they share […]

Top 10 Supermodels of 2013

Cara Delevingne

Thousands of people admire them, thousands of girls strive (and sometimes even starve) to be like them, thousands of photographers would give almost everything to capture their beauty and thousands of designers would love them to present their brands. So, who are the most influential models of 2013? Andreea Diaconu Light blue eyes, high cheekbones […]

Top 15 Straight Celebrity Hairstyles

Joan Smalls with straight hair

As we all know our beloved celebs are the best source of inspiration when it comes to creating stylish super cute hairstyles and looks generally. Considering what might interest you we decided to present to you our top list of 15 best celebrity hairstyles! So, ready to check? Here we go! Jennifer Aniston Straight Hair […]

Most Drastic Celeb Beauty Transformations of 2013

Kim Kardashian with different hairstyles

It is not a novelty that 2013 was a year of transformation for our beloved Hollywood stars and to be more specific a year of hairstyle transformation which is one of the main reasons why now that we are close to the closure of the year, we decided to present to you our list of […]

The Worst Celebrity Makeovers of 2013

Shailene Woodley hairstyle change

Who said that celebrity makeovers always have a happy end? In fact, there are some that are set to be announced as the worst celebrity makeovers of 2013! Interested to know who failed a look? Well, grab a comfortable sit and get ready to find out! Worst Celeb Makeover #1: Anne Hathaway Well when Ann […]

10 Most Shocking Fashion Looks of 2013

10 Most Shocking Fashion Looks of 2013

One cannot argue that it hasn’t been an unforgettable year that left lots of good and bad days to remember. Considering that day by day we are getting closer to the closure of 2013 we decided to present you the most shocking, memorable looks that have been captured this year. So, ready to check? Here […]