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Looking For Kate: Kate Moss’ Documentary News

Kate Moss is a star that managed to deserve our love and interest due to her great personality and hard-working and there is no need to even explain why we are super excited to announce about the new Parisian documentary filmed about one of our beloved stars: Kate Moss. In fact the idea of presenting a documentary about Kate especially in 2014 isn’t accidental as in January 16th the star will celebrate her 40th birthday! Well, the best gift isn’t it? A documentary film dedicated to you and your work, we think it is!

As our sources claim the premiere of the so expected “Looking for Kate” film will be on January 12th on French TV channel and it is not announced yet whether the new documentary will be accessible worldwide.

Of course the film will not present to fans and the public generally, only good memorable moments and facts about the stunning model and actress but also will also bring up some scandalous situations that the beloved star had the strength to get out from which is a great way to prove that reaching success isn’t something easy.

Another interesting fact about “Looking for Kate” that we would like to mention is that it will also include from people who had the luck to meet Kate in person such as Paolo Roversi, Isabel Marant and Peter Lindbergh.

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