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10 Chic Ponytails for Winter

Ponytails are among the most versatile hairstyles, as they can look gorgeous on you whether you are dressed up or dressed down. In fact there are so many super cute ponytails to go for and who else can be a better source of inspiration if not our beloved celebs? Thus, take a look at our list of 10 chic celebrity inspired ponytails and get stylish ideas to create gorgeous hairstyles this winter!

Low Wavy Ponytail

This cute hairstyle is among the best not only because requires only few minutes to be done but also it easily adds a chic vibe to the whole look.

Silky and Straight

One of the simplest low ponytails that you can go for as the only thing that you have to work on is the texture of your hair as you need to have to sleek, straight hair to work with.

Wavy High Ponytail

This is another adorable hairstyle perfect for those of you who are looking for a style that will add a romantic vibe to the entire look.

Center Parted

To make it reality simply tease the crown part of your hair, part it from the center and make a simple yet gorgeous low ponytail.


An easy way to add a youthful vibe to the whole look! Start by gathering your hair into a half updo and only after create the desired ponytail using three elastics.


Yes you can make a messy ponytail and look just as gorgeous as with a messy updo! To achieve perfection just make sure you leave some framing strands hanging.

Wavy Side Pony

Another beautiful hairstyle that will easily add a chic vibe to your look and perfectly show off your natural feminine beauty!

Low Pony with Volume

Tease your hair on the crown and only after gather it into a low pony, this way you’ll achieve a style that will look perfect whether you go for casual or occasional look.

Lifted Straight Pony

If you want to focus the attention on your beautiful facial features this gorgeous chic ponytail will probably be the best choice for you. In fact this is a hairstyle that will add a modern touch to your look.

Beachy Waves

Another interesting approach is the ponytail made with beachy waves. What we love about this style is the way it adds extra dimension and creates a modern chic look.

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