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10 Cool Ways to Wear Tartan This Year

Tartan is the trend of this year. You may rock this style in various ways and create your feminine look. We will post 10 cool ways to wear tartan this year. Choose your favorite type of outfit and enjoy it not only in winter but also in spring.

1.  Wear Tartan Dress

Tartan dress is worn not only in the UK, but also in all over the world. Not only celebrities pull off this style, you may see many girls and women, rocking it. To feel the 90s touch, pair your gorgeous tartan dress with a white collar. Tights in a black tone together with ankle boots will be ideal with your tartan dress. Just complete your splendid look with a biker jacket and it will be a cool way of wearing tartan this year.

2.  Pull off Tartan Jacket

If you wear a tartan jacket, you will feel not only comfortable but also trendy this year. To match it with your body shape, you are advised to go for tartan jackets in a cropped style.

3.  Try Tartan Leggings

Tartan leggings are considered another cool way of wearing this style this year. If you have perfect pins, then you are recommended trying this trend. Create your screaming look with colorful tartan leggings and a dress or jacket in a black tone. You may also combine it with a nice skirt.

4.  Wear Tartan Trousers

Tartan trousers have again intruded into fashion this year but in a new form. Now you may find skinny tartan trousers, fitting your figure. Look for them in red and black tones and match with short boots. They will look great a jumper, as well.

5.  Pull off Tartan Skirts

Get acquainted with another cool way of wearing tartan this year. Skip pulling off short tartan skirts and opt for a chic look, trying a long pencil skirt. You may even combine two materials: leather and tartan. Go to work wearing the tartan skirt with a pretty shirt. Add nice heels and look chic.

6.  Try a Tartan Scarf

In case, you don’t dare to pull off tartan dresses, trousers or skirts but you want to correspond to the latest trend, accessorize your look with a tartan scarf. It will be better if you look for blue or green tartan scarves.

7.  Wear Tartan Boots

 This way is one of the coolest ones when wearing tartan this spring. Just combine tartan boots with black tights and a pretty outfit in a dark tone.

8.  Pull off Tartan Shirts

You will feel very comfortable if you choose a tartan shirt for everyday wearing. Skinny jeans and nice boots will look nice with it. Choose tartan shirts in any shade and you will trendy this year.

9.  Wear Tartan Pajamas

You may opt for this cool way of wearing tartan this year. Tartan pajamas make you feel very comfortable and attractive. It doesn’t even matter whether anyone will see them or not.

10.  Try Tartan Hats and Hair Bands

Modernize your daily outfits with tartan hats or accessorize your hair with tartan bands. Choose among the great variety and find the best one for you. This cool way will provide you with a stunning look this season.

Consider that you shouldn’t wear too much tartan in order to look trendy. Just accessorize your look with any of these 10 cool ways and you will get the desired attention this season.

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