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Jessica Alba’s Best Hairstyles Ever

To look trendy, you may create celebrity hairstyles and create your flawless look. Get inspired by Jessica Alba’s best hairstyles ever.

1.  Jessica Alba looks fantastic with all her hairstyles. Recently she changed her hair shade and opted for a fabulous ombre tone.

2.  Jessica Alba chopped her long tresses and swept them to one side, opening her attractive shoulder.

3.  Jessica Alba appeared at the red carpet, styling soft waves and middle sectioning her hair. To get this look, you just need to curl your tresses with a curling iron and brush them for a complete look.

4.  Jessica Alba straightened her ombre hair and matched it with her ideal makeup. For this look, you should make your hair straight with a hair dryer. Make a middle section and spread shine serum for extra texture and glow.

5.  Jessica Alba went for golden highlights and made her tresses wavy. This hairstyle went perfectly with her pink lipstick and smoky eye makeup. To achieve this amazing hairstyle, apply lotion on your wet hair. Use a hair dryer and a brush to make your hair textured. Side-section your hair and apply pomade, using your fingers. Finally, apply hairspray.

6.  Here is Jessica Alba’s another splendid hairstyle, worth trying. She got an extraordinary look, creating two braids at the crown, resembling a headband. Get this look by applying a texture-enhancing spray on your wet hair. Then dry your tresses with a hair dryer. Take two hair strands and plait them. Create a headband and use bobby pins to make them stay in place. Finally, spray a hairspray.

7.  Jessica Alba turned her hair into a romantic updo hairstyle. For this look, apply hairspray on your wet hair and dry with a blow dryer and your fingers. Roll some hair around the curling tool and after removing it, you will get soft waves. Open your curls with your fingers. Leave some hair out to soften your features.

8.  Jessica Alba made her shoulder-length hair super straight, slightly rolling her hair ends. For this stunning hairstyle apply styling lotion on your wet tresses and blow dry with a round brush. Make the ends turn inside and middle-section your hair and fringe. Add hairspray and enjoy your beautiful hairstyle.

9.  Jessica Alba modernizes her bob hairstyle with a bold bang. We regard this style as one of Jessica Alba’s best hairstyles. To achieve this look, use a special cream with a straightening feature and shine serum on your wet locks. Dry your hair with a blow dryer and use a flat iron to straighten your locks. For a complete look, go for a hairspray.

10.  Jessica Alba’s textured side hairstyle is among the best ones. Take a styling lotion and shine serum and spread them on your wet hair. Use a paddle brush to blow-dry your tresses. Spray a hairspray and curl your hair with a curling iron. Side-section your hair and sweep to one side. Use bobby pins to make your hairstyle stay in place.

11.  Jessica Alba’s look was amazing when she paired her long tresses with a side swept fringe. Just provide your hair with volume, curl the ends and you will get this celebrity’s screaming look.

12.  Jessica Alba accessorized her stunning hairstyle with several braids at the crown.

13.  Jessica Alba’s straight hairstyle is one of the best ones that you may get inspired by. For this look, you should apply either a styling lotion or serum with a straightening feature. Then you should use a hair dryer and a paddle brush. For a complete finish, you should use a flat iron.

14.  Jessica Alba created one of the gorgeous hairstyles. She went for beachy waves, using rollers. After removing them, comb your waves with your fingers to make them textured.

15.  Jessica Alba made her bun hairstyle perfect, letting loose some hair in front and curling them. Finally apply pomade and get a dramatic look.

Thus, each woman may create any of Jessica Alba’s best hairstyles ever. You will only need several tools and products.

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