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The Worst Celebrity Makeovers of 2013

Who said that celebrity makeovers always have a happy end? In fact, there are some that are set to be announced as the worst celebrity makeovers of 2013! Interested to know who failed a look? Well, grab a comfortable sit and get ready to find out!

Worst Celeb Makeover #1: Anne Hathaway

Well when Ann Hathaway took the risk and got her long loose locks chopped we were kind of shocked but when the star decided to change the hair color as well and went for a bold platinum blond we had all the reasons to announce the look as a failure.

Worst Celeb Makeover #2: Miley Cyrus

When Miley appeared with a daring short pixie there were two main reactions: admiration and neglect of such look. But this bob wig with the chopped bangs is a look that we find unforgivable!

Worst Celeb Makeover #3: Rihanna

Surprised to find one of your favorite stars in the list of the worst makeovers of 2013? Well, we are sorry to disappoint you but we couldn’t simply pass by her short curly style that kind of reminded us the look of unforgettable Prince.

Worst Celeb Makeover #4: Julianne Hough

Ok, Julianne achieved her best look when she took out her extensions and her worst right after she put them back in.

Worst Celeb Makeover #5: Jennifer Hudson

Ok, we understand that having pixie haircut hitting the top charts of beauty and fashion trends is something temping but let’s face it short haircuts are not the best choice for everyone!

Worst Celeb Makeover #6: Shailene Woodley

One of the minuses of acting business is that sometimes you have to sacrifice your look for a role and this look of Shailene comes to prove our statement.

Worst Celeb Makeover #7: Camilla Belle

Again, dear celebs before you make your decision please make sure the new hairstyle trend is something that you can truly pull off very well!

Worst Celeb Makeover #8: Bryce Dallas Howard

Every time we look at this photo of our beloved Bryce Dallas we think: why? Why would one want to hide her beautiful facial features?

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