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Ideas for Wearing a Black Hair Ribbon

As most of you might know very well by now, wearing a hair accessory is considered one of the trendiest hairstyling tricks! Moreover, sometimes wearing a simple monochromatic ribbon saves you from spending hours in front of the mirror which is one of the reasons why this styling trend easily became popular among all fashionistas.

Now, what most of you have a hard time with is the problem of having not many ideas about how to wear a black hair ribbon. Well, this shouldn’t be an issue for you anymore as for once again we thought about your concerns and came up with few cool ideas for wearing a black hair ribbon that you’ll be interested to find out! So, take a look and see how easily you can create different cute hairstyles using the same “tool”.

Wearing It as a Headband

One of the easiest ways appears to be the one of wearing a black ribbon as a headband by simply pulling it around your head and tying it.

Wear it as An Accessory for a Ponytail

The best way to add a romantic vibe to your entire look! Simply tie the ribbon around the elastic band and make a bow.

Make a Fishtail Braid Using a Black Ribbon

Braid the black ribbon just as you would braid a strand of your hair to make a cute fishtail braid and achieve this super cute hairstyle!

Go for a Cute Half Up

Braid the two side sections of your hair separately and tie them together at the back of your head using the black hair ribbon. For a perfect finish touch make a small, cute bow with the rest of it.

Go for an Eye-catching Side French Braid

To achieve this adorable look simply grab a black hair ribbon and start braiding it with your hair just as if it was a strand of your hair. For better results place the hair ribbon close to the point behind the hairline, pin it and only after start the braiding process.

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