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Ways to Add Volume to Your Hair

Considering the fact that curly, wavy voluminous hair are in the list of the most popular beauty trends we decided to present to you some easy, effective ways of adding volume to your hair that will help you to create any look that you want in less than few minutes! Are you ready to find out? Here we go!

Teasing Using a Dry Shampoo

Ok, girls admit it, teasing with a comb is not always the best idea as it requires a lot of hard working after when you want to brush your hair. To avoid dealing with such issues simply go ahead and apply a dry shampoo all over your hair, massage the product in and whoila! You have reached the desired results!

Use a Volume Spray

The simplest way to guarantee ending up having the desired height! Simply use a bit of volume spray before you start styling your hair and enjoy the results!

Work on the Roots

There are some volumizing hair products made especially to bulk up the roots. So, another great alternative of adding volume to your hair would be the one of using such product and working on the roots.

Go for an Updo

Last but not least, sticking with a gorgeous, elegant updo can be another great way to add some volume to your hair! Moreover, you can tease your hair using a dry shampoo, work on the texture and create a stunning look that will make everyone start asking who is styled your hair!

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