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Chic Celeb Side-Part Hairstyles

Looking for some inspiring ideas that will motivate you to create the most stylish hairstyles? Well, who else can be a better source of inspiration if not our beloved celebs? Thus, take a look at our list of the best chic celeb side-part hairstyles and get some cool ideas that will help you to achieve an ideal look!

Brooklyn Decker Side-Part Hair

This is a gorgeous hairstyle that can work the best if you have long, thick hair. All you have to do is add some volumizing waves and clip one side of your hair. Easy and simply adorable, isn’t it?

Beyonce Knowles Side-Part Hair

A medium length bob with a deep side part can be another great alternative for you if you want to add a chic allure to the whole look.

Chanel Iman Side-Part Hair

What we love about this specific side-part hairstyle is the way it shows off a modern approach of the usual style.

Sienna Miller Side-Part Hair

Simply perfect, especially for those of you who want to show off a bolder approach of the chic side-part hairstyle! In fact all you have to do is add any hair accessory of your preference and whoila!

Jamie Chung Side-Part Hair

Combining the side-part style with volumizing bouncy curls is also another super cute way to rock such hairstyle and as you can see Jamie Chung didn’t fail either.

Jessica Biel Side-Part Hair

Ok, who said that the side-part hairstyle can’t work with a medium length bob? Take a glance at the flawless look of our beloved Jessica Biel and get convinced!

Michelle Williams Side-Part Hair

We love the way the deep side part looks combined with a pixie cut and we especially love to see it shown by Michelle Williams!

Scarlett Johansson Side-Part Hair

Stunning Scarlett suggests an alternative that will give you a chance to combine both the trend of braided hair and the cute side-part! So, this hairstyle is definitely worth trying.

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