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Simple and Effective Manicure Tricks to Try

Woman's hands with red nails

Taking care of your nails and wearing stylish nail art designs will complete your elegant look. If you can’t spend much time on your nails, here are several simple and effective manicure tricks which you should try. All the compliments will surely belong to you. Dry Your Nails Quickly To wait until your nails air […]

Find your Nail Color by Zodiac Sign

Woman with pink nails and lipstick

Zodiac signs play a great role in your fate. Besides, they help you find your nail color. Each zodiac sign has its special nail color and if you rely on the horoscope, you had better apply your shade and look attractive and pleasing. Create beautiful and astounding nails, finding your nail color by zodiac sign. […]

Spring 2014 Trendy Manicure Colors and Styles

Woman with pastel nail art

This spring solid colors and transparent manicure will be trendy. If you want to get acquainted with some particular trendy nail colors and styles keep reading. Half-Moon Mani Half-moon style is a new trend. For getting this style on your nails you can paint the half-moon on the tips or on the edge of your […]

Lovely Nail Polish Color Combinations to Try

Lovely Nail Polish Color Combinations to Try

How about taking a look at some lovely nail polish color combinations? In fact these gorgeous combinations presented below will serve as a source of inspiration to create your own, cute nail polish color combinations and add the perfect finish touch to your look! So, follow reading below and get motivated to create some eye-catching […]