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Vintage Floral Nail Art Design Ideas

Considering that the so beloved floral print trend is becoming more and more popular day by we thought it would be a great idea to use the mentioned adorable trend for nail art design! Moreover, floral prints can be the perfect finish touch for a vintage inspired look which is another motivation to go for it!

Thus, considering that this Vintage inspired floral nail art design is suggested for this spring 2014 it is not surprising to know that this new nail art design requires lots of vibrant colors. However, you may need some neutrals as well in order to create the needed backgrounds.

Now it is worth-mentioning that there is a big variety of floral nail art designs to go for and they seem to differ not only for the colors required are for their styles as well. In fact depending on the colors used and the styles vintage floral nail art designs can be categorized to cute subtle ones and eye-catching edgy. For example if you want to go for a comparably versatile nail art design we suggest you to use a dark base color and embellish it with delicate flower prints in soft, nude hues while for an eye-catching edgy nail art the combination of more than two vibrant tones would be the best choice.

As those of you who cannot imagine their life without glamour we suggest to take the floral nail art design to whole another level by using any kind of nail embellishments such as pearls, golden studs or any other fancy stickers you like!

Last but not least you have to keep in mind that any nail art design is even more adorable when appears to be a result of your own creativity! So, don’t be afraid to set your imagination free to create a stunning vintage floral nail art design that will make you steal the spotlight!

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