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My At-Home Manicure

Friends doing an at-home manicure and pedicure

For most of my life, I had ‘difficult’ nails.  They used to split and peel terribly, and never grow.  For those reasons, I have always been hesitant to get professional manicures.  I’m very protective of my nails and don’t trust them to someone else.  But the flipside is that I’ve become pretty good at taking […]

5 of the Best Nail Polishes to Wear in the Workplace

I just love the subtle detail that nail polish adds to your overall look. I think they make you look more pampered and they show how you pay attention to the little things that matter when it comes to your appearance. Well-manicured nails can really change your image and add a bit of girly glam […]

Find your Nail Color by Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs play a great role in your fate. Besides, they help you find your nail color. Each zodiac sign has its special nail color and if you rely on the horoscope, you had better apply your shade and look attractive and pleasing. Create beautiful and astounding nails, finding your nail color by zodiac sign. […]