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5 of the Best Nail Polishes to Wear in the Workplace

I just love the subtle detail that nail polish adds to your overall look. I think they make you look more pampered and they show how you pay attention to the little things that matter when it comes to your appearance. Well-manicured nails can really change your image and add a bit of girly glam to your daily routine in the office.

I must advise you though that not all colors are appropriate for the workplace, and you may want to keep your nail polish options down to more neutral colors. Colors that are too loud tend to attract too much attention and do not exude a professional vibe. Sticking to more classic color choices is more suitable when you’re in the office.

  • Nude – I think this is the most neutral color you can go for. It’s something that says you’re taking care of your nails without screaming it out with loud colors! Nude nails are timeless, and they will go well with mostly any outfit.
  • Navy blue – If you want something a little darker, black may be the first thing in mind. However, black is actually a bit too somber and at times may send across a rebellious streak, don’t you think? Opt for navy blue instead. It would make you look a bit more scholarly and professional.
  • Salmon pink – Think of this as the baby sister of red or hot pink. Red is undeniably sexy and hot pink is definitely nice for a pop of color, but both are a bit too loud for the office. Salmon pink gives your nails just the right amount of healthy glow without being overbearing.
  • Gray – Gray nail polish, especially the matte varieties are actually very chic nowadays. It’s like a milder version of black, and it also goes great with most outfits!
  • French tip – Although not a color in itself, the French tip is a classic style you can wear not just as a bridal nail polish finish but also to give off that clean effect in the office. Finish it off with a shiny top coat and you’re good to go!

Try out these colors and enjoy them without feeling that your polish is too bright to wear in the workplace!

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