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Find your Nail Color by Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs play a great role in your fate. Besides, they help you find your nail color. Each zodiac sign has its special nail color and if you rely on the horoscope, you had better apply your shade and look attractive and pleasing.

Create beautiful and astounding nails, finding your nail color by zodiac sign. You may apply it both at a prom party and at work.

Nail Color by Aries

If your zodiac sign is Aries, you should apply bold nail colors to be able to show your strong personality and energy. These tones will show your great desired to achieve success. Purple is the best option for Aries. However, you may also wear the red nail color to show your self-assurance.

Nail Color by Taurus

If Taurus is your zodiac sign, then you are considered an organized person and seek for order. The green shade expresses love and tenderness and becomes one of the best nail color options for Taurus. Soft pink will give you an elegant look.

Nail Color by Gemini

As for Gemini zodiac sign, it offers lively and tricky nail colors to break the dull atmosphere. Dare to try orange and yellow nail polishes for a sophisticated look. Avoid adding glitter on your nails in order not to be too loud.

Nail Color by Cancer

If you are born under Cancer, then you are characterized as a caring and a sincere person with protective features. Silver nail color is your best friend, as it will provide your nails with a glowy and outstanding look. If you want to express your romantic character, you may wear the metallic silver.

Nail Color by Leo

The zodiac sign Leo is distinguished with its strength and a creative mind. If Leo is your zodiac sign, then you want to dominate on the others. In this case, you had better opt for bronze or golden nail colors.

Nail Color by Virgo

Virgos are used to serving. They always want to give what they have. Be more confident and apply all shades of red. You may also go for softer shades and try dark navy and brown nail colors.

Nail Color by Libra

Libras are known for their romantic character and softness. Nude nail color is the best option by Libra zodiac sign. However, you shouldn’t stay away from light blue nail colors, as they will give you extra energy.

Nail Color by Scorpio

Scorpios are characterized as a little aggressive people. There are two great options for Scorpio zodiac sign. To express softness, you may try a pink nail color. While dark browns will provide you with an elegant look.

Nail Color by Sagittarius

Women with Archer zodiac sign show their positive attitude towards everything. Besides, they are sincere and honest. Choose a purple nail color on a light tone to highlight your personality. If you seek for a bold color, you may try the black tone.

Nail Color by Capricorn

Blue and all the neutral shades are fabulous for Capricorn women. Applying muted taupe, you will be able to hide your fighting character. To highlight your softness, you may wear the blue shade.

Nail Color by Aquarius

Strength is one of the characteristic features of Aquarius. You will look fabulous, if you use nail colors in bright shades. Deep turquoise and neon tones are other fantastic options by Aquarius.

Nail Color by Pisces

Pisces are known for their sensitivity and compassion. Applying rose and purple nail colors, you will accentuate your individuality. Grey tons are also recommendable.

Draw those nail colors on your nails, which correspond to your zodiac sign.

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