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The Best Manicures on the Runway

Just like your makeup and hair, your nails are really important. Every model coming out on the stage shows the huge work that has been done backstage which includes the foundation for the new and stylish clothing, makeup, hairstyle or nails. Everything should be fit and sound.

Painting a half-moon on your nails, white and black combination is proved to be most common trend for the fall 2014.

For some reasons bright and shiny colors are there for you to scream. Go for the metallic one and you will not regret.

Women who like to have almond shape nails, for the fall you can have nude and creamy shade manicure worn on your nails. Two color of nude shade can also look fantastic on long almond shape nails.

Clouds and a rainbow painted on sky blue hue is one of the most fun designs you can have.

Two coats of sweet white can make whole your season. Or two nude colors can get divided in the center of the nail with a deflected line, both vertically or horizontally.

A genius named Gina Edwards has used few colors, painting them as vertically painted stripes which give a metallic color on one’s nails. Combination is made with light grey, white (thinnest stripe), brown, light grey again, dark blue and light grey. Light grey is the base.

A transparent manicure can be the base while you line the edges all around the nail with white lines. This is another way your nails can look like.

A costume of a pink shade is totally sophisticated for manicures this fall.

Nude and transparent colors are flirty for the season.  It is also popular to have boxes on creamy white manicure.

Dark red can be combined with a white triangle on the top.

You can find a lot to take into your consideration. Choose your color and style. Good luck!


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