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Super-Cool French Manicure Ideas

French manicure is your key for a polished and exquisite look. Even classic nail polishes may be updated, if you add a little detail. If you are seeking for a transformation, you may go for these super-cool French manicure ideas.

1.  French Mani in an Inverted Form

Here is a super-cool French mani option, which is quite effortless to create. Apply a base color, which may be either rosy or beige, leaving the crescents in white tone. Create a French mani in an inverted form. To look more dramatic, you may accentuate your ring finger.

2.  Make the Tips Colorful

Making your tips colorful, you will get another super-cool French manicure idea. You may opt for various colors for each finger and create a bold look. To make your French mani more screaming, you may outline it with a metallic hue or use a black striper.

3.  Tips in a Metallic Shade

Metallic hues are the hottest trend of this season. Draw your nail tips in a metallic shade, as this wonderful French mani will draw everyone’s attention. This nail art design is a fantastic choice for any party. You may wear either gold and silver or copper and bronze shades on your nail tips.

4.  French Mani with Glitter

This super-cool French mani nail art design will look ideal with an evening dress. It will give a feminine and attractive touch to your amazing look. Embellish your white French polish with glittering top coat. You may apply glitter until you reach the tip edge. Your nails will sparkle.

5.  French mani with an Ombre Shade

Ombre shade looks great not only on your makeup but also on your nails. Your nails will look surprising if you go for this type of French mani. You may choose your favorite hues, add a little glitter and enjoy your exclusive nail art design.

6.  Various-Colored French Mani

Get inspired by another super-cool French mani idea. Applying the same nail polish on your nails and drawing the tips in various tones will help you achieve an elegant and gorgeous look. You may play with various shades of red, for instance the glittery red with a matte one. The combination of black and gold is also a cool French mani idea.

7.  Dynamic French Mani

Match the gorgeous nail art design with a classic French mani. Create polka dots on your tips, using white and black polishes. You may also make another choice and try animal prints or nice stripes on your tips.

It greatly depends on your personal taste which of the super-cool French mani ideas to choice. Both matte and glitter versions are in trend and only after trying them you will find the best one for your nails.

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