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What Beauty Essentials Do I Need to Stash at my Desk?

Woman applying nail polish at work

We’ve talked about things to carry in your purse and what to pack in your toiletries bag, but keep in mind that if we work outside the home, we spend most of our waking hours in the office.  Besides our stapler and a pile of pens that don’t work, what on earth do we need to be keeping at our desks?

  • Hair Clips or bands are key to recovering from a bad hair day. If the wind wreaked havoc on your blowout or you discover that you indeed did apply too much gel, bobby pins or clips, or hair ties can save the day.
  • Face Some lists might recommend blotting papers, but I recommend a powder compact simply because it will naturally come with a mirror. You should not be without lip gloss and concealer which can go a long way to freshen up any makeup look.
  • Body A travel-size deodorant and some refreshing wipes can go a long way to boosting your spirits towards the end of the day. A small vial of perfume is excellent to stash as well, to perk up your senses if you’re headed somewhere after work.
  • Essentials A few other necessities might include a nail file, breath mints, and feminine products. Eye drops can also be enormously helpful, especially as we head into allergy season.

I have these items tucked away in a small makeup bag, along with a lint roller.  On top of my desk, I also keep lip balm, hand cream, and hand sanitizer.  The list is not very long but I find myself digging into the stash at least once a day which means I packed smartly!  I’m known as the Mary Poppins of my department!

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