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What Do You Carry in Your Everyday Bag?

Stylish woman holding a bag

Are you the driver’s license and lip balm type, or are you the kitchen sink type?  Do you carry a purse plus a laptop bag plus a lunch bag?  Do you just slip your phone and wallet into your pockets and dash out the door?

I’ve always envied the people I see carrying the tiny purses.  I have bought (and returned) multiple versions of these cute little bags.  But I just cannot seem to fit my ‘essentials’ into them.  I don’t consider myself the kitchen sink type, but perhaps I am closer to that than the other.

My purse itself is a medium size cross-body, but on workdays, I put it in a large tote bag along with my lunch bag and any paperwork I may need for the day.  I keep a stash of things at the office but that is more for convenience.  I do not always want to dig through the bag if I just need hand cream or lipstick.

But the larger question here is what do you consider necessary to have on hand at any given moment?

  • Wallet — This would include a driver’s license or other identification and some sort of payment method such as cash, credit card, or debit card.
  • Necessities — This varies by individual but I think the minimum would be a cell phone and keys.
  • Personal — Again, this would be very subjective but I think most people who carry a bag of some type would have a compact and a lipstick.

Now obviously, the list grows from there.  You might need a protein bar for breakfast or hand sanitizer if you attend a lot of meetings; you could carry an eyeliner pencil or a pair of glasses.

What do you consider essential?

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