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What Does Your Purse Say About You?

Stylish woman holding a purse

Does the tiny cross-body say I’m sleek and independent and on the move?  Does the luggage-size slouchy satchel say I cannot leave my house without carrying half of my belongings with me?  Does the leather tote with logos covering every visible inch say that I am bound and determined to own the expensive version of whatever I’m buying?

I always have to laugh when I see someone proudly carrying one of the tiny purses but in their hands, they are also clutching their phone, their keys, a water bottle, and their wallet.  What the heck are they doing?  Wouldn’t it be easier just to carry a larger bag that actually holds everything?  You don’t count as a tiny-purse-girl if you still have half of your stuff in your hands!  This tells me the person is not well-organized and does not think ahead.

But on the flip side, I also see the poor women loaded down with a laptop backpack, a large satchel dangling from their elbow, a lunch bag in their hand, and an extra random tote on their shoulder.  It makes my back hurt just looking at them.  Surely there is an easier way for them to get through their life!  This tells me the person needs to streamline not just their bags, but perhaps their lifestyle.

Yes, the tote I carry is on the luggage end of the size scale, but for the most part, it is all I carry to work.  I like the fact that my actual purse fits inside, and then on the weekends or if I go out to lunch, that’s all I have to grab.  I like to think of this approach as more streamlined but still functional for what I need my bag to accomplish.

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