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The Five-Minute Face (AKA Dang Daylight Savings)

Woman applying mascara

Whether you hit the snooze bar one too many times, or are reeling from the time change this weekend, you need to get out the door!  A dry shampoo and a lightly scented body lotion can refresh the rest of you, but to make yourself presentable, here is a quick rundown of the five-minute face!

Minute Number One – Prep Time

  • Lip balm – I always start with this one so it has time to absorb before I apply my lip color.
  • Tinted moisturizer – This will help smooth out your skin tone as well as moisturize. Make sure to pick one with an SPF of at least 15 so you are protected as well.

Minute Number Two – Complexion Perfection

  • Concealer – Very few of us can run out the door without a least a dash of concealer somewhere. Whether that is under the eyes or around the nose, it will help with that finished look.

Minute Number Three – The Eyes Have It

  • Eyeshadow – I always keep a basic shadow duo with a nude shade and a dark brown shade so that I can even out the color on my eyelids and then swipe the brown shade as eyeliner.
  • Mascara – Since my eyelashes are naturally translucent, if I don’t have them tinted then I pretty much have to brush on a coat of mascara.

Minute Number Four – Feeling Cheeky

  • Blush – I actually find that in a time crunch, a powder is quicker for me. If you have the right shade, you can sweep it on quickly.

Minute Number Five – Kiss It Goodbye

  • Lip color – Rosy lip gloss is one of the quickest ways to color your lips, but having a rosy cream lipstick works too.

I know it seems too complicated, but the five-minute face can be done!

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