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The Interview Face: What to Wear and What Not to Wear

Woman attending job interview

This is one of those situations where it is most assuredly better to err on the side of conservative.  Even if you think you will be interviewing with a liberal and artsy type of company, it is probably a good idea to stick with the more natural look.  That is not to say nude.  There are very few positions that you want to show up bare-faced.

  • What To Wear — Make the makeup professional. You want to enhance your natural features, but you certainly do not want to be remembered for your iridescent pink lipstick or your purple eyeliner.  You want to aim for a look that says I’m polished and professional but not fussy.  Enhance your complexion with a BB cream and a touch of concealer.  Make your cheeks pop with a hint of color.  Define your eyes with brown liner and mascara.  Opt for a cream lipstick which will last longer than a simple gloss.
  • What Not To Wear — Minimize the amount of fragrance products. The last thing you want to do is make your interviewer ill.  Granted, it’s unavoidable that certain things have a fragrance such as our shampoo or deodorant.  But please do not add to that with perfume, cologne, or scented body lotion.  Another piece of warning advice is to avoid using any new products.  You really do not want to discover a new pigment allergy halfway through your conversation with the CFO.

As a final quick tip, you do not have to splurge for a professional manicure, but make sure your nails are at least trimmed and tidy!

Obviously, these are just rough guidelines.  You want to look awake, alert, and fresh-faced when you meet that potential new boss.  And good luck!

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