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Framing the Windows to Your Soul: Lash Tinting and Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions

If you are part of that 1% of the population that has naturally dark, thick, and curly lashes, then you probably will not understand this article.  (And some of us may not like you just on principle!)  But if you are part of the remaining 99%, please read on!

There are two different eyelash enhancing procedures that are becoming more available as well as more popular.  They are both a semi-permanent solution to something that many of us deal with on a daily basis.

  • Lash extensions – These artificial lashes are usually made of mink, silk, or synthetics. The eyelash extensions are placed along the line of your natural lashes to make them appear longer or fuller.  A full set can take approximately two hours to apply with maintenance every three to four weeks.  Personally, I have never tried this but might consider it for a special event.  I don’t think it’s a look that I would want on a regular basis.
  • Lash tinting – Now this procedure is a whole different story! Ever since I discovered eyelash tinting years ago, I almost consider it a necessity!  I realize that this sounds rather high- maintenance but on the contrary, I believe it’s the opposite.  I do not have to mess with mascara in the mornings or eye makeup remover at night.  This is especially important when I travel.  I also love tinted lashes on the weekends so that I just have to throw on some tinted moisturizer and I am out the door.  On a side note, you can also get your brows tinted but I find that look a little harsh for my own face.

If performed by certified professionals, both of these procedures are deemed perfectly safe.

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