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How to Do a Spa Day at Home

Woman enjoying a spa day at home

You can make this as simple or as intricate as you like!  But this is a day at home all about you.  Here is a basic routine that works well for me.

  • Since you aren’t supposed to file wet nails, I always start with a few manicure steps. I trim and buff my dry nails, and then soak them in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice.  After soaking, I apply cuticle remover and push the cuticles back gently.
  • If I am in the mood, I usually do a facial before I get in the shower.
  • Afterwards, I file my feet smooth and work a cuticle scrub around my nails and nail beds.
  • Once in the shower, I clean my nails thoroughly with a nail brush and then proceed to shampoo my hair. I usually apply a hair mask and pin my hair up for the rest of the shower.
  • I use a body scrub on everything from the neck down and then proceed to shave and bathe. I like using body washes that double as shave gels so I can keep the product use and time to a minimum.  Afterwards, I rinse off and then rinse my hair.
  • When I get out, I immediately apply face lotion and body cream. If I do not plan to go anywhere, I will massage in a face oil instead of an SPF lotion.  Follow with lip balm of course!
  • I finish with a good coat of heavy moisturizer on my feet and then cotton socks. I make sure to massage the cream into my nails as well!

I like that one step flows into the next and you can be finished in about an hour or so, depending on how long you linger.

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