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Why is Contouring All the Rage and How Do I Get Started?

Woman holding makeup brushes

I’m sure that by now you have noticed that contouring is everywhere.  If you are unaware, the art of contour makeup is to enhance your features by creating brightness (highlighting) and shadow (contouring) with lighter and darker shades.  It is a very simple concept practiced by artists since art was invented but it seems to […]

Lighten Up Your Makeup for Spring: Nude, but Not Naked

Stylist applying makeup

Now that we’re starting to store our sweaters and stash our mittens, it is time to lighten up the rest of our look!  There are beautiful spring fashions starting to hit the stores so let’s talk about nude makeup.  I don’t mean going out bare-faced, quite the opposite.  But somewhere between the bare face and […]

The Five-Minute Face (AKA Dang Daylight Savings)

Woman applying mascara

Whether you hit the snooze bar one too many times, or are reeling from the time change this weekend, you need to get out the door!  A dry shampoo and a lightly scented body lotion can refresh the rest of you, but to make yourself presentable, here is a quick rundown of the five-minute face! […]

Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

I personally like it when my eyes look bigger because it makes me look younger and more beautiful. Even if my eyes aren’t naturally big, makeup can help me achieve the look that I want with minimal effort. I’ll share my secrets with you so that you, too, can get beautifully opened-up eyes that are […]

Four Beauty Hacks to Save on Makeup

Makeup can be really quite expensive especially if you go for branded items! I prefer having basic makeup which for me includes a good foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. Having some eye shadow, blush on, and bronzers are great as well especially when you want a more polished look. Since makeup can be quite heavy […]

How to Rock the Orange Lipstick

Red is a classic lipstick shade—bold and daring. Pink is great for teens and younger ladies to help make them bloom! But what if you’re already tired of the usual pink or red lippie you have? Maybe it’s time to try something new: orange lipstick. I’ve seen celebrities do it and when done right, it’s […]

How to Hide Blemishes with Makeup

Woman applying foundation to skin

We are quite stringent with our skin care routine but just like everyone else, we develop zits and blemishes from time to time. Those are bad, bad days for us and the best we can do is apply zit cream, pray the blemishes go way ASAP, and hide it with makeup. It doesn’t really matter […]

Mineral Concealers

Mineral Concealers

Concealer is one of the most underrated makeup in a woman’s beauty kit, and I wonder why it is that way, when it can dramatically improve one’s appearance, if applied correctly. A concealer can brighten a tired face, cover up blemishes and conceal under-eye circles. Some beauty experts advise that in order to let the […]

Cream Concealer vs. Powder Concealer

If there is one kind of makeup that we simply cannot live without, it has to be the concealer. After all, with all the staying up late and socializing we do, this is what keeps us from looking like the walking dead. In fact, I use concealer so much that I really can’t imagine what […]