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How to Rock the Orange Lipstick

Red is a classic lipstick shade—bold and daring. Pink is great for teens and younger ladies to help make them bloom! But what if you’re already tired of the usual pink or red lippie you have? Maybe it’s time to try something new: orange lipstick.

I’ve seen celebrities do it and when done right, it’s such a fresh change from the usual pink or red lip look. It’s like an upgrade to nude lipsticks and something of a premature red when it comes to intensity. It can also liven up your face like pink lipsticks and make you glow. Here are some tips to rock the orange lipstick look:

  •  The orange lipstick looks best on those with warm to brown skin tones. Since it is a warm hue, it tends to look more natural if you have tanned or warm skin undertones.
  • Bright orange lipstick may be a bit loud, but it happens to look great for those with fair but warm skin and those who have green eyes.
  • Summer is the best time to rock the orange lipstick since it makes you look glowing and sun-kissed.
  • Cut back on the eye makeup. Since orange is such an eye-catching color, it’s enough to really make and complete your look. If you can, just have a thin line of eyeliner or clear mascara to define your lashes. This looks cleaner and much simpler!
  • If you want to have some eye makeup, a great trick to do this is to combine an orange lip look with winged eyeliner. It’s simple yet edgy.
  • Try using some orange lipstick with some red. If you have a tube of orange lipstick that is not quite your shade, experiment by mixing it in with another tube of lipstick.
  • If you have pale and creamy skin, look for an orange lipstick that has peach undertones to complement your skin tone—remember, nothing too loud if you don’t want to look like you’re attending a costume party.

It may take a bit of experimentation when it comes to finding the right shade of lipstick, but you, too, can rock the orange lip!

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