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Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

I personally like it when my eyes look bigger because it makes me look younger and more beautiful. Even if my eyes aren’t naturally big, makeup can help me achieve the look that I want with minimal effort. I’ll share my secrets with you so that you, too, can get beautifully opened-up eyes that are simply pretty to look at.

Bigger, More Beautiful Eyes

The best trick I’ve found, especially when I want to go for a natural look, is to use a white eye shadow on the inner corners of the eyes. This simple trick does wonders to the eyes and makes them look instantly brighter. I do this trick every day, paired with a couple of swipes of light eye shadow on my eye lids. A light shade opens up the eyes and attracts more light to give the illusion that it is bigger. I also use some eyebrow pencil to define my eyebrows, since defined and groomed eyebrows do make the eyes look bigger.

Mascara also helps. What I do is I apply some mascara on my lashes and curl them from the roots. Curled eyelashes help me achieve the look that I want to have. Mascara on the bottom of the eyelashes also does wonders. I would recommend not applying a second coating of mascara on the bottom lashes so that they remain natural-looking and clumps will be avoided. Along with this, I use some dark eyeliner to draw a v-shape on the outer corners of my eyes for better definition.

For those who are looking for eye makeup tricks for special events, try variations of the smokey eye makeup. I’ve tried this with colors that complement my eyes, making them instantly pop out. It’s a simple yet glamorous look.

Easy Techniques

Knowing the right techniques can make you look beautiful whether you’re only going out for a walk or attending a party. Spend a few minutes of your time improving your face with easy makeup techniques and feel more confident with the way you look throughout the day. I mean, how hard would it be to apply some white eye shadow or eyeliner pencil on the inner corners of your eyes? If you’re really pressed for time and can’t do a full makeup routine, at least do that.

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