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The Worst Celebrity Makeovers of 2013

Who said that celebrity makeovers always have a happy end? In fact, there are some that are set to be announced as the worst celebrity makeovers of 2013! Interested to know who failed a look? Well, grab a comfortable sit and get ready to find out! Worst Celeb Makeover #1: Anne Hathaway Well when Ann […]

Top 100 Short Hairstyles for Women

Short hairstyles are the hottest trend of this season. Each woman may go for this look, getting inspired by these top 100 short hairstyles for women. Short hairstyles have been rocked on many celebrities. Both the fashion shows and runways were filled with this trend. You could see short pixie hairstyles and perfect bobs on […]

Top 10 Celeb Redheads

Redheads are trendy and alluring for this season. In case you decide to change your hair color into a red one, check out these top 10 celeb redheads. Bryce Dallas Howard’s Redhead Bryce is considered one of the world-famous redheads. This great actress may inspire you not only with her talent but also with her […]

Stylish Black Celebrity Short Hairstyles

If you want to update your short hairstyle and create something that will go with your face color, check out these stylish black celebrity short hairstyles. Find your style and pull it off. Stylish Shag Hairstyle The shag hairstyle is one of the most stylish ones among the black celebrities. This amazing hairstyle is ideal […]

Best and Worst Celebrity Hairstyles of 2013

Celebrity hairstyles have been at the spotlight this year. You could see cute short and long hairstyles; blonde shade was the trend of 2013, while the braids were the key of looking romantic. To sum up the most noticeable successes and failures, we will post the best and worst celebrity hairstyles of 2013. 1.    Adele’s […]

Top 40 Short Pixie Hairstyles for Women

Who said that only long hair may look thrilling and exposing. There are many celebrities, who rock short pixie hairstyles and look astounding. Get inspired by these top 40 short pixie hairstyles for women and express your personality. 1.    Jennifer Lawrence’s Pixie Hairstyle Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie hairstyle may convince you to chop your long tresses. […]

Emma Watson’s Best Short Haircuts

When it comes to getting inspired for a modern yet very elegant look the young and so beloved actress Emma Watson can be one of the best sources to get some gorgeous styling ideas and that was one of the main reasons why we decided to present to you our lit of Emma Watson’s best […]

Rachel McAdams Best Hairstyles and Hair Colors

We all know that when it comes to looking for a hairstyle of hair color source of inspiration our beloved celebs are the best to get stylish ideas from. So, considering that we decided to present top you a top list of the best hairstyles and Hair colors of one of the most famous Hollywood […]

10 Edgy Hairstyles for Women

Thrill your friends with your stunning beauty! Get your inspiration from the best celebrity hairstyles and go for a new makeover! Choose the best one, taking into account your face form and personal taste. Below we have picked 10 edgy hairstyles for women. 1.    Miley Cyrus’ Edgy Hairstyle Miley Cyrus modernized her pixie hairstyle by […]

Celebrity Curly Hairstyles to Get Inspired By

Curly hair will provide you with a jovial temptation. This hairstyle will completely change your look. In case you decide to experiment with this style, these best celebrity curly hairstyles may greatly inspire you. Annalynne McCord’s Curly Hairstyle McCord is one of the celebrities who rocks a curly hairstyle and looks super alluring. She experiments […]