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10 Edgy Hairstyles for Women

Thrill your friends with your stunning beauty! Get your inspiration from the best celebrity hairstyles and go for a new makeover! Choose the best one, taking into account your face form and personal taste. Below we have picked 10 edgy hairstyles for women.

1.    Miley Cyrus’ Edgy Hairstyle

Miley Cyrus modernized her pixie hairstyle by shaving one of the sides. She made her hairstyle look gorgeous by dyeing her hair in an eye-catching blonde shade.

2.    Rita Ora’s Edgy Hairstyle

Have a look at this edgy hairstyle for women. Rita Ora wore a blonde hair tone and created her unique and exposing look. Each woman may go for this perfect hairstyle and shock everyone.

3.    Tia Mowry’s Edgy Hairstyle

To get an edgy look, you may rock Tia Mowry’s edgy hairstyle. She dyed her hair in two shades. She left the back part of her hair black, applying caramel highlights on the front part.

4.    Kelly Osbourne’s Edgy Hairstyle

This celebrity’s bluish-purple hair made her bun hairstyle with braids even more astounding. Kelly Osbourne decorated the back of her hairstyle with some stabs. This edgy hairstyle is ideal for each woman.

5.     Kesha’s Edgy Hairstyle

Be brave and go for a bold look. Experiment with Kesha’s edgy hairstyle, creating two pastel shades on your hair.

6.    Jennifer Morrison’s Edgy Hairstyle

It seems like this edgy hairstyle for women is a great option for a gorgeous look. Go for changes and create Jennifer Morrison’s braided hairstyle in a Mohawk style.

7.    Jennifer Hudson’s Edgy Hairstyle

Make your look noticeable, going for Jennifer Hudson’s pixie hairstyle with two hair shades. She divided her hair into top and bottom parts and applied black and caramel tones, correspondingly. This hairstyle will provide you with an edgy look.

8.    Jada Pinkett Smith’s Edgy Hairstyle

If you seek for an intrepid look, Jada Pinkett’s edgy hairstyle will be the best variant for you. She shaved both the right and the left sides of her hair, without touching the top of her head. She made it long and went for a ponytail or let it loose.

9.    Emmy Rossum’s Edgy Hairstyle

For a simple and soft look, you should resemble Emmy Rossum’s edgy hairstyle. She amazed her fans with her straight damp look. To get this look, you should apply gel on your hair (until you reach your hair) and blow-dry the rest part of your tresses.

10.  Rihanna’s Edgy Hairstyle

Get inspired by this celebrity’s short hairstyle and pair your edgy look with a bold lipstick in a blue tone.

All these 10 edgy hairstyles for women are picked carefully. So, do not hesitate to opt for them.

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