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Top 40 Short Pixie Hairstyles for Women

Who said that only long hair may look thrilling and exposing. There are many celebrities, who rock short pixie hairstyles and look astounding. Get inspired by these top 40 short pixie hairstyles for women and express your personality.

1.    Jennifer Lawrence’s Pixie Hairstyle

Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie hairstyle may convince you to chop your long tresses. This gorgeous hairstyle is trendy for this season. The blonde hue highlighted her stunning pixie hairstyle.

2.    Jennifer Hudson’s Short Hairstyle

Jennifer Hudson is among those celebrities, who find that short hairstyles are attractive. She made her hair go back and matched it with a lovely makeup. This celebrity wore rose lips and created a smoky eye makeup.

3.    Isabel Lucas’ Short Crop Hairstyle

If you have a look at Isabel Lucas’ pixie hairstyle, you will surely go and have your tresses cut. The caramel blonde shade perfectly went with her skin tone.

4.    Charlize Theron’s Crop Hairstyle

It is one of the best short hairstyles for women. She side sectioned her blonde tresses and made her short crop hairstyle outstanding.

5.    Coco Rocha’s Short Hairstyle

If you are for a bold look, go for Coco Rocha’s boyish haircut. Make one of the parts of your head too short and leave the other part a little longer. For a feminine look, apply a coral lipstick.

6.    Beyonce’s Pixie Hairstyle

This celebrity decided to modernize her hairstyle and went for a fabulous pixie cut. Then she made her hair ends lighter. It was a great idea, as her hair was damaged by heat and dyeing. Beyonce’s trendy pixie may inspire each woman.

7.    Elisabeth Moss’ Short Hairstyle

Make you look softer by creating Elisabeth Moss’ short hairstyle. Create a side section and make it longer. It will smoothen your features. This one is one of the best short hairstyles for women.

8.    Anne Hathaway’s Short Hairstyle

In 2013, Anne Hathaway appeared at Met Gala, wearing a short haircut in a quaff style. She modernized her hairstyle, dyeing her tresses in a platinum-blonde shade.

9.    Lena Dunham’s Pixie Crop

Make your short pixie super sleek and side-section it. Pull your caramel blonde hair behind your ears and have a super trendy look like Lena Dunham.

10.  Ginnifer Goodwin’s Pixie Hairstyle

Have a look at another short pixie hairstyle for women. Ginnifer Goodwin’s textured pixie may be your inspiration. She made the sides shorter and the crown part longer and added volume.

11.  Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Pixie Hairstyle

To look classy, experiment with Maggie Gyllenhaal’s attractive pixie hairstyle. She made her hairstyle even more gorgeous, matching it with a white gown. Create you tidy and feminine look.

12.  Michelle Williams’ Short Pixie

This celebrity highlighted her beautiful face with her side sectioned pixie hairstyle, making one of the sides longer than the other one. The back part of her head is also super short. This hairstyle is ideal for each woman.

13.  Anne Hathaway’s Short Pixie

Create your graceful and elegant look, by growing your pixie a little. Make your hair straight and sweep it to one side like Anne Hathaway.

14.  Emeli Sande’s Short Crop Hairstyle

If you are seeking for a bold look, get inspired by Emeli Sande’s pixie hairstyle. She went for a blonde hue and cutting the two sides too short, made the crown longer and textured.

15.  Chloe Sevigny’s Bob Hairstyle

If you are more for a boyish look, create Chloe Sevigny’s bob hairstyle. Modernize your look with a golden shade and make the roots textured.

16.  Miss Geldof’s Short Hairstyle

She highlighted her brown hair with a stylish short crop hairstyle. We consider it one of the best short hairstyles for women.

17.  Michelle Williams’ Pixie Hairstyle

She is considered the queen of these types of hairstyles. Create her feminine look by going for a short pixie hairstyle. The brightness of her hair looked great with her skin tone.

18.  Emma Watson’s Short Pixie

All men lost their heads, seeing Emma Watson’s cropped hairstyle. She got an edgy and sophisticated look.

19.  Halle Berry’s Short Hairstyle

Her elfin crop hairstyle may be a great inspiration for many women. It perfectly went with her features, making her look gorgeous.

20.  Ginnifer Goodwin’s Pixie Hairstyle

She is one of the celebrities who proved that you may express your personality with a short pixie hairstyle. It looked a little messy but lovely.

21.  Marilyn Monroe Short Curly Hairstyle

She experimented with a curly short hairstyle. The blonde hue made her features brighter. To create volume at the ends, blow-dry them. It is a gorgeous short hairstyle for women.

22.  Carey Mulligan’s Crop Hairstyle

Get your signature appearance with this perfect crop hairstyle. Make your blonde tresses super straight and create a side section like Carey Mulligan.

23.  Vanessa Hudgens’ Crop Hairstyle

She cut her black locks and wore this long and thick crop hairstyle. It is one of the adorable hairstyles for women.

24.  Pixie Lott’s Bob Hairstyle

If you consider the pixie hairstyle a little daring step for you, you may opt for this bob hairstyle. Make several layers, which will frame your face.

25.  Edie Campbell’s Bob Hairstyle

Create your personal style, going for a chin-length bob hairstyle. Edie Campbell paired her hairstyle with a eye-touching fringe and completed her stunning look.

26.  Frankie Sandford’s Pixie Hairstyle

Create a cute and stylish look, wearing Frankie Sandford’s short pixie hairstyle.  Each woman may opt for this splendid look.

27.  Ashlee Simpson’s Crop Hairstyle

Blonde-haired Ashlee Simpson chose a crop hairstyle and went for a side part. Her gorgeous locks left everyone fascinated.

28.  Amber Rose’s Super Short Hairstyle

If you are brave in your heart, experiment with this stylish super short hairstyle. Amber Rose was able to shock everyone with her new hairstyle.

29.  Agyness Deyn’s Short Pixie

Many women may rock this hairstyle, as it is both trendy and attractive. Resemble Agyness Deyn’s pixie hairstyle with a long bang. Make the two sides shorter.

30.  Pink’s Quiffy Hairstyle

Pink’s quiffy style is a great option to modernize your pixie hairstyle. Pinky is one of the celebrities, who brought this style into fashion.

31.  Katy Perry’s Bob Hairstyle

Katy Perry shocked us with her side sectioned bob hairstyle, securing one of the parts with a hair brooch.

32.  Rihanna’s Short Hairstyle

Rihanna experimented with an orange shade on her short crop hairstyle. It worked great with her bold makeup.

33.  Robyn’s Pixie Hairstyle

She amazed everybody with her new haircut. Robyn decided to pull off a bowl resembling short pixie hairstyle, which is one of the best ones for women.

34.  Charlize’s Short Pixie Hairstyle

Charlize shows how you can get a gorgeous look, by making your buzz haircut grow a little. She went for a bleached blonde hair shade and created spikes at the top.

35.  Katie Waissel’s Curly Pixie

This beauty appeared at one of the shows, pulling off a curly pixie hairstyle. It is a great variant for those women who have naturally curly hair.

36.  Evan Rachel Wood’s Quiff Hairstyle

Be more experimental and try Evan Rachel Wood’s splendid pixie in a quiffy style. Your feminine and elegant look will be achieved.

37.  Jaime Winstone’s Super Short Hairstyle

Jaime Winstone’s look is adorable for those women who are for brave and bold hairstyles. Though she wore a super short pixie, her feminine look wasn’t lost.

38.  Renee Zellweger’s Pixie Hairstyle

She was still in the trend with her longer pixie hairstyle. It is suitable for many women, giving them grace and elegance.

39.  Hayden Panettierre’s Short Pixie

This celebrity pulled off a short pixie hairstyle, making her hair super straight and pulling it back.

40.  Dannii Minogue’s Pixie Hairstyle

Dannii Minogue rocked a short pixie and accessorized it with a feathered headband. An adorable look for each women.

Find your style among these top 40 short pixie hairstyles for women and create your trendy look.

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