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6 Chic Holiday Updos to Fall In Love With

Holiday season is the time, when everyone throws different exciting parties and events, so creating a flawless look becomes even more important than it used to be. Moreover, the more your look is dressy the more are the chances to enjoy hearing a row of endless compliments. So, to enjoy being admired everywhere you go, take a look at these gorgeous festive updos presented below and get inspired to create the most outstanding festive look!

Eye-catching Fancy Bun

As we mentioned above, holiday season is the time when a sparkly, detailed look is more than justified! So, considering that we think that creating a fancy bun that will perfectly embellish your festive look and create the effect of wearing a crown is one of the best options to go for!

Romantic Knotted Updo

For those of you who prefer sticking with a soft, romantic look a knotted updo can be a great option. Moreover you can leave some small strands hanging and create a stunning look that will attract everyone’s attention!

Modern Chic Low Ponytail

The best option for an elegant, feminine look! To achieve this gorgeous hairstyle first of all make sure your hair is silky straight. Once you have the required texture, section your hair from the side, twist and make a ponytail leaving a part on the nape of your neck. Now grab the section from the nape of your neck, wrap it around and secure with bobby pins.

Braided Updo

Appear in any holiday related party or event rocking the braided trend and leave everyone speechless with you sense of high fashion! Also, for better results add more texture to your hair and see the difference it will make!

Faux Bob

For those of you who want to make their festive look vintage inspired sticking with a feminine faux bob would be the best decision! To create the needed bouncy curls you can use curlers, curling sticks or even hot rollers.

Fishtail Updo

Another interesting festive updo that not only will perfectly embellish a dressy look but also add a modern, youthful vibe to it!

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