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Emma Watson’s Best Short Haircuts

When it comes to getting inspired for a modern yet very elegant look the young and so beloved actress Emma Watson can be one of the best sources to get some gorgeous styling ideas and that was one of the main reasons why we decided to present to you our lit of Emma Watson’s best short haircuts! So, grab a comfortable sit and get ready to check out!

Emma Watson’s Faux Bob

As you might have noticed already faux bob is becoming more and more popular among our beloved celebs, which comes to prove that this vintage inspired super cute hairstyle is hitting the top charts of hairstyle trends again! Moreover, you can rock this trendy hairstyle even if you have long hair! Combine this gorgeous style with a soft makeup just as Emma Watson did and create a real red carpet look that will make you steal the spotlight!

Emma Watson’s Stunning Braided Updo

This can be an ideal hairstyle to go for if you are looking for some styling ideas that will help you to complete a dressy look rightly. What’s really amazing about this style is that from upfront it looks like the timeless classy updo but once you capture it from behind you’ll see its modern allure. For better results you can leave some loose curls hanging and add a romantic vibe to your entire look.

Emma Watson’s Eye-catching Pixie Cut

There is an opinion that pixie cut was a trend that left no one unaffected and it might actually be true as even our beloved Emma Watson appeared rocking a cute pixie cut! What we live about this hairstyle is the way it focuses our attention to the soft, feminine facial features of Emma Watson, emphasizing hair natural beauty the best!

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