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Beauty Guide to Home Hair Dying: How to Get the Perfect Color

Longing to change your hair color but don’t want to spend money or time at the hair salons? Well guess what, there is no need to do so! How come? Easily, as here we have the best beauty guides to home hair dying that will help you to get the desired results at home! Are you ready to find out what’s allowed and what not? Take a look!

Do not Experiment

Ok, this may sound funny from the first sight but trust us sometimes you may think that the hair color that you want to have does not require a hard working but the results prove the exact opposite. So, if you want to experiment and go too dark or too light never do it at home! Moreover, getting highlights, lowlights or even ombre is also strongly restricted.

Define your Hair Type

Another thing that is very important and you must consider if you want to get the desired hair color at home is the type of your hair. This is something very important to find out as the success of the final result depends on that. Thus, if you have thick hair you might need to use more than a box and  leave the color cream on for couple minutes longer than usually as for thin, curly  hair one box is enough.

Consider your Skin Tone

There are some hair colors that don’t work with specific skin tones at all, so before you start getting ready to dye your hair make sure you’ve picked a hair color that works the best with your skin tone. Moreover, you can take a look below and find out which shades are the best for your skin tone!

The Perfect Hair Colors for Pale Skin:

Dark Blonde

Very Light Blonde

Medium Brown

Lightest Tone of Brown

The Perfect Hair Colors for Medium Complexion:

 For medium skin tone we suggest you to go for warm shades such as copper, light auburn, golden blonde etc.

The Perfect Hair Colors for Dark Skin Tones

Ok if you consider you skin tone closer to darker skin tones then the best hair color choices for you would be chocolate shades, dark brown or black.

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