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Easy Curly-Wavy Hairstyle Tutorials

Whether you were born with the luck of having rich, voluminous curls or not, curly hairstyles are something you might be interested to get informed about. Moreover, considering curly styles as one of the best ways to emphasize the soft, feminine side of each woman we dare to say that such styles almost never come out of trend. So my dears, are you ready to learn how to make stunning curly-wavy hairstyles? Take a look!

Big, Loose Curls

This is a curly hairstyle that works the best with long hair as creates a more effective look. Also if you happen to have not only long but also very thick hair then guess what, this is the perfect curly style for you! To achieve this look, simply create the big curls with the help of a thick curling iron and then use your fingers or a brush to loosen up the curls you’ve just made. For better results you can also spritz some hairspray.

Created with Flat Iron

Doesn’t it sound kind of weird the whole idea of creating cute curls with the use of a styling tool that was actually made to straight your hair? Well, believe it or not flat iron can help you to create the super cute bouncy curls that you thought only stylists can make reality!

Messy Curly Style

Yes, with all these messy hairstyles hitting the top beauty trend charts, messy curls have become very popular as well, so if you simply love this style but never take the risk to go for don’t even give it a second thought as it is considered as one of the trendiest curly hairstyles!

No Curling Iron

You want to maintain the healthy look of your hair but also can’t fight the lack of getting an eye-catching curly hairstyle? Well, don’t worry as there are some many other ways to achieve the desired results without the use of any curling iron! In fact you can do it at home, on your own using curling hair sticks or other similar tools!

Vintage Inspired Ringlets

This is a gorgeous curly hairstyle that can be the best option to stick with if you are creating an occasional look. To make this cute hairstyle reality, simply use a foam curler.


Voluminous Curls with Texture

Another great way to embellish your daily look! To achieve this super cute hairstyle start by applying mousse on dry hair and work on the volume. You can also use other hair products in order to add the needed volume to your hair and achieve the desired results!



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