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5 Victoria’s Secret Angels Inspired Hairstyles for this Christmas

Textured, springy, gorgeous and quite easy, Victoria’s Secret Angel inspired hairstyles do not cease to lure and cause great feelings, having no dependence on time. Victoria’s Secret attractive and beachy waves may be worn both for day and for night.  You may try these ideal Christmas hairstyles not only for a casual look but also for a great party.

Have a look at these 5 magical and divine Victoria’s Secret hairstyles and wear them for this Christmas, getting inspired by the following tutorials.

1.    Victoria’s Secret Curly Hairstyle

To get this alluring and angelic look, dry your hair with a towel and apply a texture enhancing mousse. Take apart the fringe part and leave it for later, securing with a clip. Use a hair-dryer to make your hair completely dry. Then work with your fringe part and dry it using a round brush. After you have dried all your hair, again take the top part of your hair and secure it. Use a curling iron to make the rest part of your hair wavy. Let your clipped hair section fall down and taking small hair strands, begin curling, leaving your hair roots straight. Brush your curls for extra texture and movement. Spread pomade on your hair ends with your fingers. Finally, spray a hairspray to get extra texture and squeeze your hair in your hands to make your fabulous hairstyle stay long.

2.    Victoria’s Secret Gorgeous Waves

For this amazing look, apply mousse on your wet hair to get extra volume and then dry your locks using a hair dryer and a round brush. After carrying out this process, you had better apply dry shampoo on your tresses, as it will remove the extra oil from your hair. Now it’s time to create Victoria’s Secret Angel wavy hairstyle for Christmas. Make your tresses curly with a large-barreled curling iron. Take small hair parts and curl them. In case you have a fringe, curl it toward the outside. The most important thing about this hairstyle is the way of creating fabulous ringlets. It should resemble “S” shape. Curl the first section toward the outside and the next one toward the inside. Do the same thing with all your hair. For a beachy look, you may brush your hair or just leave it in that way. Consider that you should brush your hair, beginning from the ends. If you want to have fuller looking locks, you may tease them. Finally, use a hairspray.

3.     Victoria’s Secret Fabulous Waves

Here we will introduce to you two various ways of creating Victoria’s Secret fabulous wavy hairstyle for Christmas. Considering the shade of your hair is very important. First, you should create ombre hair, going for caramel and blonde shades. Make your hair roots darker than your hair ends. Now you may start creating Victoria’s Secret fabulous waves. To create this messy and attractive wavy hairstyle, section your hair, twist each part and fasten with clips. After waiting for 15 minutes, remove them and loosen, using your fingers. Then make your hair textured, brushing your curls out. Finally apply a volume enhancing spray and crunch your hair with your hands. Make your locks as messier as possible and get Victoria’s secret beachy waves.

The next easy way to achieve this amazing look is the following. Just section your hair and curl each part with a curling iron. In this case, you are recommended using gloves in order not to burn yourself. After curling all the sections, open the locks and spray a volume enhancing spray.

4.    Victoria’s Secret Angel Wavy Hairstyle

No heat is necessary to get Victoria’s Secret springy, lovely, attractive and natural wavy hairstyle for Christmas. Make your hair slightly damp either by taking a shower or by spraying water. Considering your hair type (oily, dry, coarse, thin or thick), you may opt for styling creams and oils. Take also into account whether your hair is curly by nature or not. Organ oil is a great option to curl your tresses. Apply it on your hair ends in order not to cause extra greasiness to your scalp. Pull your locks up at the crown of your head and twist them, wrap and then adjust with pins. You may either wait for 20 minutes or leave the pins during the whole night. Make sure your hair is completely dry and after unfastening your beautiful tresses, you will get soft and textured wavy hairstyle. All you need to do is styling your hair a little and making the crown part of your head textured. Quite effortless and easy!


5.    Victoria’s Secret Gorgeous Wavy Hairstyle with a Flat Iron

For this exposing look, you should just follow several steps. Take the front part of your hair, clip it and keep it for later. Then take small hair sections and make soft waves, using a flat iron. Move your tool at different directions and after getting soft waves, twist them, using your hands. Now work with the front part of your hair. Take sections and repeat the same action until you get the desired beachy waves. Finally apply coconut oil onto your locks, using your fingers. In this way, you will get Victoria’s Secret Angel hairstyle for Christmas.


Just add a pleasant smile and a self-assurance to your Victoria’s Secret Angels inspired hairstyles and be ready to look tempting for this Christmas.

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