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Top 100 Short Hairstyles for Women

Short hairstyles are the hottest trend of this season. Each woman may go for this look, getting inspired by these top 100 short hairstyles for women.

Short hairstyles have been rocked on many celebrities. Both the fashion shows and runways were filled with this trend. You could see short pixie hairstyles and perfect bobs on such celebrities as Anne Hathaway, Rita Ora, Jennifer Lawrence and many others.

1.    January Jones’ Short Hairstyle

January Jones looks glamorous with her bouncy short hairstyle. Her vintage inspired curls were turned into a fabulous crop hairstyle. Great example for each woman.

2.    Michelle Dockery’s Short Hairstyle

Michelle Dockery’s disheveled waves gave her short hairstyle a texture. She looked fabulous with her brown chin-length hair.

3.    Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann’s Short Hairstyle

This model shocked everyone with her swept back and textured short hairstyle. It is a perfect choice for many women.

4.    Miley Cyrus’ Short Hairstyle

Miley Cyrus went for a statement short crop hairstyle, making one of the sides shorter compared with the other one.

5.    Michelle Williams’ Short Hairstyle

We give Michelle Williams the honor of queen of short hairstyles. She makes the crown part of her hair longer, while leaving the underneath part shorter. The celebrity swept her longer strands to one side and highlighted the beautiful blonde color of her tresses.

6.    Marion Cotillard’s Short Hairstyle

Marion Cotillard went for an artificial bob hairstyle. She achieved this look just by tucking her hair under. Her side sectioned bob hairstyle may be a fabulous variant for women.

7.     Emily Browning’s Short Hairstyle

Emily Browning rocks one of the best short hairstyles for women. Her soft pixie makes her lovely cheekbones noticeable and the side swept fringe looks ideal with her elfin face form.

8.    Anne Hathaway’s Short Hairstyle

Anne Hathaway’s discolored blonde hair shade made her look fierce. She wore this voluminous pixie hairstyle and fascinated everyone.

9.    Chloe Sevigny’s Short Hairstyle

Chloe Sevigny’s short hairstyle includes elements of both men and women. She makes the ends of her hair curly and tucks under the ears. A lovely look for all times.

10.  Audrey Tautou’s Short Hairstyle

This French celebrity is a great inspiration for petite women, showing that you may look gorgeous in short crop hairstyle. Her curly hair provided her with an edgy look.

11.  Leigh Lezark’s Short Hairstyle

Leigh Lezark matches her black chin-length bob hairstyle with a bold red lipstick color. Her dress made of leather completed her amazing look.

12.  Pixie Geldof’s Short Hairstyle

We have always seen Pixie Geldof, wearing short hairstyles. Though blonde hue looks great on her pixie, we also love her dark short hairstyle.

13.  Miroslava Duma’s Short Hairstyle

Creating gorgeous curls in the 40s style, Miroslava makes her bob hairstyle more astounding.

14.  Elsa Pataky’s Short Hairstyle

It is quite effortless to achieve Elsa Pataky’s short hairstyle. Just make your hair go to one side and working with your fingers make your tresses come forward to look like a fringe.

15.  Ginnifer Goodwin’s Short Hairstyle

Ginnifer Goodwin modernized her pixie by leaving it grow a little and added extra texture. A fantastic short hairstyle choice for women.

16.  Charlize Theron’s Short Hairstyle

The peroxide blonde shade gave Charlize Theron an edgy look. Her short crop may shock each woman.

17.  Halle Berry’s Short Hairstyle

Halle Berry has experimented with all types of short hairstyles. We have seen her both wearing textured crops and slick pixie hairstyles.

18.  Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Short Hairstyle

Those women, who have elfin features, should wear Maggie Gyllenhaal’s glamorous side sectioned short crop hairstyle. Her subtle and attractive look was achieved.

19.  Evan Rachel Wood’s Short Hairstyle

Evan Rachel Wood shows her confidence, pulling off a blonde voluminous pixie in a quaff style.

 20.  Lena Dunham’ Short Hairstyle

How graceful Lena Dunham look in her short pixie hairstyle with a side swept bang.

21.  Mia Wasikowska’s Short Hairstyle

Imagine yourself, wearing Mia Wasikowska’s short crop hairstyle. She applied wax on her blonde tresses to add extra texture.

22.  Michelle Williams’ Short Hairstyle

Michelle Williams’ gorgeous side swept bang gave her blonde crop hairstyle a more sophisticated look. Making her pixie texture, she achieved lots of admiration.

23.  Ashlee Simpson’s Short Hairstyle

Here is one of our favorite short celebrity hairstyles. Ashlee Simpson grew out her pixie a little and thrilled us with her quiffy hairstyle.

24.  Emeli Sande’s Short Hairstyle

It seems like we would never see Emeli Sande with long hairstyles. She created her signature look, rocking a short hairstyle with a curly fringe, which went perfectly with her face form. Emeli Sande keeps the two sides and the back part too short, only making the crown longer and textured.

25.  Natalie Portman’s Short Hairstyle

Natalie Portman wears one of the most unforgettable short hairstyles of all time. Though she likes to experiment but the short wavy crop is the best of all.

26.  Michelle Dockery’s Short Hairstyle

Michelle Dockery sported a chin-length hairstyle and looked trendy and chic. Making her hair go back, she highlights her subtle face form, while soft layers give texture to her hairstyle.

 27.  Tilda Swinton’s Short Hairstyle

This great actress looks perfect with her crop hairstyle, which is pulled back. She gets both a feminine and a masculine touch.

28.  Saskia De Brauw’s Short Hairstyle

This great model created her striking look, pulling off short hairstyle with a blunt bang, which softened her features.

29.  Coca Rocha’s Short Hairstyle

Coca Rocha made her red hair astounding, rocking a short crop hairstyle. She shaved one of the parts of her head, leaving the top part longer. Her pixie hairstyle went great with her orange lipstick.

30.  Lily Cole’s Short Hairstyle

Lily Cole styles a bob haircut with her thick hair. She looks stunning with the curly  and luminous tips.

31.  Edie Campbell’s Short Hairstyle

Looking at Edie Campbell’s bob hairstyle, you may think that she has got out of bed. Her blonde fringe gave her a cool touch.

32.  Claire Danes’ Short Hairstyle

It is difficult to identify whether Claire Danes wore an artificial bob hairstyle or not. However, she looked gorgeous in her chop and side swept hairstyle.

33.  Karlie Kloss’ Short Hairstyle

For a jovial and flirty look, you may opt for Karlie Kloss’ wavy crop hairstyle. This model completed her look with a parted fringe.

34.   January Jones’ Short Hairstyle

How amazing you will look, if you create January Jones’ bob hairstyle. She opened her forehead by pulling the front part of her hair back and adding texture to it. While her hair ends were carefully brushed out.

35.  Chloe Sevigny’s Short Hairstyle

This actress went for a bob hairstyle and middle sectioned her blonde tresses. The edgy and sophisticated look was ready.

36.  Rihanna’s Short Hairstyle

Rihanna paired her dark bob hairstyle with an eye touching fringe. She looked gorgeous as always.

37.  Rita Ora’s Short Hairstyle

Rita Ora sported a faux bob hairstyle by tucking her medium-length hairstyle with pins. She made her blonde hair wavy and middle sectioned it.

38.  Coca Rocha’s Short Hairstyle

Coca Rocha’s all short hairstyles are fabulous. However, at the Armani event she looked even more attractive, making her pixie slick and pulling it back.

39.  Emily Weiss’ Short Hairstyle

If you are not for a too short hairstyle, opt for Emily Weiss’ chin-length bob. She made her platinum blonde tresses wavy for a chic look.

40.  Portia Freeman’s Short Hairstyle

For a lovely look, Portia Freeman added soft waves to her blonde short bob hairstyle. It looked great with her black gown.

41.  Jessica Stam’s Short Hairstyle

Jessica Stam proves that you may look cool if you accessorize your short hairstyle with a nice headband. Pairing it with a black gown your look will be screaming.

42.  Natalie Portman’s Short Hairstyle

Natalie Portman decided to appear in a new look and wore a super straight shoulder-length hairstyle. She applied ombre shades to her hairstyle and got a glowy look.

43.  Christina Hendricks’ Short Hairstyle

To make her short hairstyle eye-catching and trendy, Christina Hendricks created large curls and went for a retro style.

44.  Carey Mulligan’s Short Hairstyle

Making changes in her hair shade, Carey Mulligan made her wavy crop hairstyle even more astounding.

45.  Nicole Richie’s Short Hairstyle

Nicole Richie’s sleeked back and disheveled short hairstyle, which looks fantastic with her glamorous makeup.

46.  Garance Dore’s Short Hairstyle

As Garance used to wear textured curls and gorgeous updo hairstyles, she decided to transform her look, wearing a short bob hairstyle.

47.  Emma Watson’s Short Hairstyle

Emma Watson’s super sleek short hairstyle looks lovely and adorable.

48.  Leighton Meester’s Short Hairstyle

This celebrity rocks a splendid bob hairstyle, putting her hair under the ears. She looked trendy, pairing her hairstyle with a bold lipstick shade.

49.  Marion Cotillard’s Short Hairstyle

For a sophisticated look, you may resemble Marion Cotillard’s super straight and short hairstyle. She side sectioned her hair and paired her look with a side fringe.

50.  Miroslava Duma’s Short Hairstyle

Miroslava Duma creates her signature style with her amazing short bob hairstyle.

51.  Zooey Deschanel’s Short Hairstyle

If you are seeking for an easy-maintaining hairstyle, you should try Zooey Deschanel’s jaw-length bob, pinning one of the sides under your ear.

52.  Karlie Kloss’ Short Hairstyle

Using her disheveled curls, Karlie Kloss created a stunning bob hairstyle. Her look was complete with a side fringe and smoky eye makeup. A great short hairstyle option for women.

53.  Rebecca Hall’s Short Hairstyle

To look gorgeous and exposing, you may experiment with Rebecca’s short and wavy bob hairstyle. Just side section it and create your stunning look.

54.  Brittany Snow’s Short Hairstyle

Wet hairstyle has always been fashionable. Brittany Snow’s slicked back hairstyle may be a great inspiration for women.

55.  Rosamund Pike’s Short Hairstyle

Rosamund’s chin-length bob hairstyle looks admiring with her perfect black gown. She side sectioned her blonde hair and provided the hair tips with volume.

56.  Taylor Swift’s Short Hairstyle

Taylor Swift created her ultra-glamorous look, going for a bob hairstyle with curls. Her fantastic look was finished with a bold lipstick hue.

57.  Emma Thompson’s Short Hairstyle

Emma Thompson achieved her graceful look, styling a short crop hairstyle. Her textured and side-swept hairstyle gave her a sophisticated look.

58.  Natalia Vodianova’s Short Hairstyle

Experimenting with various hairstyles, Natalia Vodianova found her signature style. She chose a curly bob hairstyle and let it loose.

59.  Maria Bello’s Short Hairstyle

Maria Bello allured her fans with her curly short bob hairstyle. Due to the curls, Maria Bello achieved a textured hairstyle.

60.  Alexandra Roach’s Short Hairstyle

Alexandra Roach goes for a retro style, wearing a short bang with her short curly hairstyle.

61.  January Jones’ Short Hairstyle

Styling a bob hairstyle, January Jones looks fabulous and trendy. She makes her hair sleek and side sections it.

62.  Zhang Ziyi’s Short Hairstyle

The Chinese actress highlighted her gorgeous black tresses, cutting a side-swept bob hairstyle. Each woman may achieve her glamorous look, rocking this thrilling short hairstyle.

63.  Naomi Watts’ Short Hairstyle

Naomi Watts got a chic look, middle sectioning her short bob hairstyle. She looks tidy, dying her hair in a blonde shade and making her tresses of the same length.

64.  Ashley Benson’s Short Hairstyle

Ashley Benson created a vintage-inspired style with her short curly hairstyle, which softened her heart face form. She went for a deep part and got extra volume due to the curls.

65.  Zawe Ashton’s Short Hairstyle

Zawe Ashton rocked a boyish short hairstyle and got a super gorgeous look. She makes the top of her head longer and textured.

66.  Jessie J’s Short Hairstyle

Keeping her hair too straight and adding a blunt fringe, Jessie J created her signature style. Her short hairstyle looked lustrous and glamorous.

67.  Leigh Lezark’s Short Hairstyle

Leigh Lezark highlighted her fine features due to her side sectioned short bob hairstyle. The side fringe added more attractiveness to her look.

68.  Cara Delevingne’s Short Hairstyle

Cara Delevingne matched her bleach blonde hair with a blunt bang and chopped her hair into a short bob hairstyle.

69.  Leandra Medine’s Short Hairstyle

Get your stylish look, opting for Leandra Medine’s shoulder-length short hairstyle. Make it a little messy and achieve a perfect look.

70.  Ella Catliff’s Short Hairstyle

Ella Catliff is used to wearing a glossy and straight bob hairstyle. A neat hairstyle option for women.

71.  Michelle Williams’ Short Hairstyle

Michelle Williams highlighted her blonde tresses by cutting them into a trendy pixie hairstyle. It perfectly went with her elfin features.

72.  Carey Mulligan’s Short Hairstyle

After damaging her hair with dyes, Carey Mulligan sported a stylish pixie hairstyle with a side fringe.

73.  Renee Zellweger’s Short Hairstyle

Renee Zellweger chopped her locks and paired it with a thin fringe. Her gorgeous hairstyle gave softness to her features.

74.  Rihanna’s Short Hairstyle

Rihanna’s short pixie together with a bold red lipstick provided her with a sophisticated look.

75.  Selma Blair’s Short Hairstyle

Create your gorgeous look, going for Selma Blair’s stylish side sectioned pixie. Make it straight and longer for a stunning look.

76.  Natalie Portman’s Short Hairstyle

Natalie Portman’s brown eyes were highlighted due to her chocolate short hairstyle. For a bold look, she wore a side-sectioned pixie, which made her features more delicate.

77.  Ashlee Simpson’s Short Hairstyle

Ashlee Simpson is fond of complete transformations and she matches her peroxide blonde hair shade with a gorgeous makeup. Her short pixie completely goes with her black dress.

78.  Cameron Diaz’s Short Hairstyle

Cameron Diaz’s beachy waves are the best of all. She chops her blonde locks into a bob hairstyle, leaving them naturally wavy.

79.  Keira Knightley’s Short Hairstyle

If you are inclined to textured bobs, you may get inspired by Keira Knightley’s disheveled wavy and side-sectioned hairstyle. It shapes her face and makes it more pleasant.

80.  Dianna Agron’s Short Hairstyle

Dianna’s layered short hairstyle is a good example for many women. She creates layers at the back part of her head and gets a messy look, styling a messy bang.

81. Emily Blunt’s Short Hairstyle

For an attractive look, we recommend you trying Emily Blunt’s poker straight bob hairstyle. Just middle section your tresses and add highlights at the tips for a glamorous look.  

82.  Dannii Minogue’s Short Hairstyle

This great singer went for a splendid short crop hairstyle. She hid the front part of her brown hair behind her ears and got a gorgeous look.

83.  Rooney Mara’s Short Hairstyle

Rooney Mara created a splendid updo with her short black locks. Her bold look was ready with a full and short fringe.

84.  Cate Blanchett’s Short Hairstyle

Cate Blanchett is devoted to short pixie hairstyles. She always looks screaming.

85.  January Jones’ Short Hairstyle

January Jones’ caramel blond hair shade looked great on her shoulder-length bob hairstyle. She created a deep section and paired it her pleasant smile.

86.  Mia Wasikowska’s Short Hairstyle

This celebrity’s bob is one of the trendiest ones. Give your hair a natural touch with disheveled waves.

87.  Kate Moss’ Short Hairstyle

Kate Moss modernized her pixie, cutting the back of her head shorter in comparison with the front part. It gave her a chance to reveal her beautiful face.

88.  Sienna Miller’s Short Hairstyle

Sienna Miller creates her unforgettable look, going for a long pixie. Her playful look was achieved.

89.  Katie Holmes’ Short Hairstyle

Katie Holmes’ eye-touching bang matched with her black short hairstyle gave her a sophisticated look.

90.  Rihanna’s Short Hairstyle

Rihanna’s red crop hairstyle shocked her fans and provided her with a bold look. She made her tresses come forward to look like a fringe.

91.  Keira Knightley’s Short Hairstyle

Keira Knightley cut her tresses too short and looked eccentric. She added honey highlights to her locks to soften her features.

92.  Halle Berry’s Short Hairstyle

Halle Berry created a messy look, by adding texture to her short hairstyle and making fabulous strikes.

93.  Audrey Tautou’s Short Hairstyle

This celebrity short hairstyle is amazing, as Audrey Tautou makes longer at the back part of her head.

94.  Kirsten Dunst’s Short Hairstyle

Kristen Dunst wore a boyish short hairstyle. She opened her beautiful face and looked fabulous.

95.  Rooney Mara’s Short Hairstyle

Rooney Mara obtained a severe look, dying her hair in a black hue and cutting a short hairstyle. She made it super sleek and added a side section. Women may bravely go for this style, as all face forms will look great with it.  

96.  Ginnifer Goodwin’s Short Hairstyle

For a graceful look, opt for Ginnifer Goodwin’s short crop hairstyle. Just shave one of your sides and create an eye-catching bang.

97.  Linda Evangelista’s Short Hairstyle

This supermodel thrilled with her sleek and side-parted short hairstyle. This elfin type of hairstyle looks exquisite.

98.  Kylie Minogue’s Short Hairstyle

Her curly short pixie may be a great inspiration for many women.

99.  Demi Moore’s Short Hairstyle

Rocking the 90s short hairstyle, Demi Moore got a boyish but attractive look.

100.              Mia Farrow’s Short Hairstyle

For a divine and iconic look, Mia Farrow sported a super short hairstyle.

Update your look, going for these top 100 short hairstyles for women.

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