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DIY Santa Nail Art Designs for Christmas

DIY Santa Nail Art Designs for Christmas

Christmas is already near, which means that you should think about your appearance. You shouldn’t forget about your nails, as well. Thus, you may choose among these DIY Santa nail art designs for Christmas.

To create fantastic nail art designs is not obligatory to go to expensive salons and spend much money. You will be able to arrange your schedule in your own way without ignoring the importance of your nails. Your festive look will be ready each time you go for these amazing and easy DIY Santa nail art designs.

DIY Santa Nail Art Designs for Christmas

DIY Santa Nail Art Ideas

If you make up your mind to paint your nails at home, you will need several essential products, which won’t require much money. Have at your hand nail polishes in several shades and a striper. A dotting tool and a mani remover are also important elements in this process. The latter one is for correcting any imperfections.

You are recommended going for brandy nail polishes, such as white or black, red and rosy. Don’t forget about the nude mani and the top coat. You may also experiment with other glamorous shades while creating your Christmas nail art design.

DIY Santa Nail Art Designs for Christmas

Santa Hats for Christmas

If you look for an effortless nail art design for Christmas, you may paint Santa hats. For this look, you should:

  • Paint the base coat and wait until it dries completely. It will help you not to have yellow nails. Besides, it will make your nail art design stay for a long time.
  • Use a red mani on your nail tips in two coats, like creating a French mani.
  • Take a black striper and pant two lines, parallel to each other, around your Santa hat part.
  • After drying, apply white mani to bring your Santa hat design to end.
  • Finally, apply the top coat for extra glow and protection.

DIY Santa Nail Art Designs for Christmas

Christmas Nail Art Ideas

If you want to have something cool on your nails for Christmas, you may try other great nail art ideas. To create Santa’s face, you should have a beige-pink mani.

  • Apply the beige-pink shade on your nails and wait for its drying.
  • Paint the 1/3 part of your nail with a red mani and use a white mani and a totting tool to hide the dissimilar line.
  • Apply white mani on your nail tips.
  • Apply two black dots on the pink base to resemble Santa’s eyes.
  • Finally, paint the nose with the red mani and the dottong tool. Make it symmetric with the eyes.
  • Complete your nail art design with a top coat.

You have other Christmas nail art design options, such as trees or candies, lights and toys. Make your imagination create wonders and apply matching nail polish shades. Go either for a soft and delicate or for a bold and intrepid look.

Make your nails memorable for this Christmas.

DIY Santa Nail Art Designs for Christmas

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