Top 10 Celeb Redheads

Jessica Chastain with red hair in a ponytail

Redheads are trendy and alluring for this season. In case you decide to change your hair color into a red one, check out these top 10 celeb redheads.

Bryce Dallas Howard’s Redhead

Bryce is considered one of the world-famous redheads. This great actress may inspire you not only with her talent but also with her stylish hair color.

Top 10 Celeb Redheads

Jessica Chastain’s Redhead

Jessica Chastain is one of the celebrities, rocking a trendy red hair color. She achieved a great success in her infallible role in the movie called “Zero Dark Thirty” thanks to her amazing hair shade, which went perfectly with her face color.

Top 10 Celeb Redheads

Isla Fisher’s Redhead

Isla Fisher is also among those celebrities who wear naturally red hair. Public recognized this talented actress after Shannon Reed role. Then she appeared in other productions, as well. We can see her in “The Great Gatsby” and also in “Now You See Me”.

Top 10 Celeb Redheads

Kate Mara’s Redhead

Kate Mara should be enlisted among the celebrity redheads. This talented redhead plays in one of the American TV series, which is called “House of Cards”. Here she wears beachy tresses. This celebrity was fond of her exclusive hair shade even when she was a child.

Top 10 Celeb Redheads

Shirley Manson’s Redhead

Find your inspiration from such great celebrity redhead as Shirley Manson. This fabulous singer matched her burning locks with black eyeliner and a stylish lipstick in a bright red tone.

Top 10 Celeb Redheads

Angie Everhart’s Redhead

We regard Angie Everhart as one of the prettiest redhead celebrities. During 20 years, she appeared in many TV shows and had roles in many movies. Her iconic red hair became an inspiration for many women.

Top 10 Celeb Redheads

Cintia Dicker’s Redhead

Cintia Dicker is a redhead celebrity, who became world famous for her burning red hair. The freckles of her face made her look even more attractive. Surely, no one can say something wrong about her stunning hair shade.

Top 10 Celeb Redheads

Rose Leslie’s Redhead

We became familiar with this redhead celebrity after her role in “Game of Thrones”. Rose Leslie was seen also in “Downtown Abbey”. Rose’s red tresses made everyone admire her exquisite look.

Top 10 Celeb Redheads

Jacqueline Emersen’s Redhead

Jacqueline Emersen has a special place among the redhead celebrities. Though, red shade is not awarded by nature, she looks super glamorous in it.

Top 10 Celeb Redheads

 Jo Newman’s Redhead

While speaking about redhead celebrities, we shouldn’t forget about Jo Newman. We know Jo Newman from her role in the movie, called “Love and Other Drugs”, where she demonstrated her attractive red waves.

Thus, do not hesitate to dye your hair in this amazing hair tone. Besides, you may find your inspiration from these top 10 celeb redheads.

Top 10 Celeb Redheads

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