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Stylish Black Celebrity Short Hairstyles

If you want to update your short hairstyle and create something that will go with your face color, check out these stylish black celebrity short hairstyles. Find your style and pull it off.

Stylish Shag Hairstyle

The shag hairstyle is one of the most stylish ones among the black celebrities. This amazing hairstyle is ideal for those women, who have an oval face form. It will give attractiveness and youth to your look. You may get inspired by Jennifer Hudson’s shaggy hairstyle, which is a fabulous option for women.

Her beautiful neck is highlighted due the splendid cut. To resemble her look, ask your hairdresser to use a special mousse with a thickening effect on your hair and then dry your tresses with a blow dryer and a round brush for an ideal look.

Stylish Black Celebrity Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie hairstyle is another great version among the black celebrities. Have a look at Halle Berry’s gorgeous and sophisticated pixie hairstyle, and wearing it, you may make your oval face look outstanding. It is an ideal choice if you want to open your forehead and accentuate your cheekbones. Apply a texture-enhancing product on your hair and shock your friends.

Black Celebrity’s Stylish Cut and Blow Hairstyle

If you have decided to chop your tresses, go for this stylish cut and blow hairstyle option. Draw your inspiration from Meagan Good’s short hairstyle. She wore a side swept fringe using a hair dryer. Quite simple but elegant.

Stylish Black Celebrity Edgy Short Hairstyle

In case you desire to sport a stylish black celebrity short hairstyle, you are recommended going for Rihanna’s look. Due to her edgy hairstyle, she was able to highlight her stunning eyes. The most important thing about this edgy hairstyle is that you should have a great self-assurance while pulling it off.

Stylish Sleek Bob Hairstyle

It is one of the most gorgeous black celebrity short hairstyles, worth trying. Create a fantastic bob like Ti Mowry and astound your friends with your feminine look. To get this hairstyle, your hair should be healthy and smooth, as you have to use a flat iron.

Stylish Straight Haircut

If you want to pair your trendy dress with a stylish short hairstyle, then go for Paula Patton’s classy and straight haircut. She got a feminine and lovely look, cutting her hair at chin-length and using several products while straightening her tresses.

While looking for a gorgeous and outstanding look, you may opt for these stylish black celebrity short hairstyles.

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