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Makeup Tips for Girls in Their Twenties

Learning how to apply the makeup rightly sometimes seems an endless process. Moreover, things seem even harder when you are in your twenties and you need a makeup guide that will save your look from both boring and overwhelming for your age. So, considering this an issue that occurs frequently among our beloved fashionistas we decided to present some cool makeup tips for girls in their twenties that are worth-trying! So, take a look!

Hydrating your Lips

One of the most important tasks that you have to do if you want to create a flawless makeup is take care of your lips and make sure they are well-hydrated. To do so make sure you exfoliate your lips on a daily basis and apply essential oils or use a chopstick.

Applying Concealer

There is actually a way of avoiding ending up having wrinkles under your eyes. How? Well, simply pay attention on how you apply concealer and make sure you apply it with the help of your ring finger in order to reduce chances of pulling your skin.

Applying an Eyeshadow

Ok ladies, here is a trick that is useful not only for girls in their twenties but for everyone! To ensure creating long lasting effects make sure you use a primer before you apply any eyeshadow of your preference. Moreover, go ahead and use a wet brush to apply eyeshadow and ensure the maintenance of your fantastic makeup!

Using Mascara

No matter how good is the mascara that you are using, a perfect look needs more than a coat of it. Also, remember to curl your lashes before you apply mascara because doing it only after applying mascara will do nothing more than harm your lashes.


Whether your makeup products contain SPF or not applying a sunscreen before starting the whole process of applying makeup on, is something required!

Covering Acnes

Now if you need to cover red spots or acnes in order to create the perfect makeup style go for this super easy trick: use a green concealer on the red spots to counteract them and pink for dark spots.

Applying Makeup after Styling your Hair

Girls, please make sure you start applying your makeup only after you style your hair if you are going to use heat styling tools in order to secure your makeup from being completely ruined due to the high heat.

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