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How to Prevent Turkey Neck

Neck begins aging earlier than face. In case, you don’t take care of it properly and in time, you will have a turkey neck. Even if you wear scarves, you won’t be able to conceal your turkey neck. Before opting for surgery, prevent this skin problem with several essential tips. Choose among the various skin care tips and exercises, which will help you get rid of turkey neck.

The Causes of Turkey Neck

The turkey neck can’t be invisible, as in this case your skin becomes dry. UV rays may also cause dryness, if you don’t use sunscreen. Thus, they all give rise to the terrible turkey neck. The platysma muscle has its great influence on the turkey neck, as well.

After considering the causes of turkey neck, learn how to prevent it.

Prevent Turkey Neck with the Best Skin Care Tricks

Though it is a long process to prevent turkey neck, you don’t have to care of it as much as in case of your face. Applying sunscreen on your neck is one of the easy skin care tricks you may do. Simply opt for a moisturizing product, fighting against UV rays. Choose this product, depending on your skin tone.

You should use special creams and moisturizing products each day, as they will help you get rid of the dry skin of your neck.

Apply a moisturizing cream, which is high in retinol and kojic acids. These ingredients will make your skin become firmer. Don’t forget about exfoliation, as it is another skin care trick that will prevent turkey neck.

Prevent Turkey Neck with Exercises

Together with skin care tricks, you should also go for certain types of exercises, which are great for the muscles of your neck. Carry out 4 types of exercises.

  • Put your tongue at the upper part of your mouth and make your chin lower. Wait for 10 minutes and do this exercise 10 times.
  • Stare at the ceiling, sloping your head to the back direction. Wait for 10 seconds and do it 10 times.
  • Place your low lip above the upper one as high as possible and stay in this pose for about 10 seconds.
  • Close your mouth and make your tongue go around. After doing 10 circles, repeat this exercise in the other direction.

Prevent Turkey Neck with Right Posture

Sleeping in a right posture is very essential for your neck. You may prevent turkey neck if you sleep with a stretched neck. Use one small pillow instead of a big one. You may also go for a neck support. Don’t bend while sitting at the desk or at the computer.

In case you go for these easy tricks, you won’t have to carry out any surgery in order to prevent turkey neck.

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