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Supermodel Diet Secrets to Try

To have a slim and toned body, supermodels follow special types of diets. You may find either long or short-termed diet plans. Try supermodel diet plans, which greatly help you achieve an attractive look. Consider the diet secrets of Vitoria’s Secret Angles and other great supermodels, which will make your body lose extra calories.

Miranda Kerr’s Diet Secret

Miranda Kerr, having an Australian origin, opts for the Blood Type Diet. This supermodel gives much preference to vegetables. Her diet includes not only veggies but also little meat and water in a filtered form. For snack, Miranda Kerr eats blueberries, apples and almonds. This diet is also high in almond butter, avocado and agave. The Blood Type Diet helps the supermodel achieve a perfect body shape.

Karolina Kurkova’s Diet Secret

The Czech supermodel Karolina Kurkova recommends following a protein-rich diet. It is her key of an ideal shape. Besides, protein-rich foods make her feel full for a long time. Karolina Kurkova goes for a clean diet, blending protein powder and green juice. She also adds glutamine. Then this supermodel eats eggs in a boiled form. In two hours, she goes for 10 nuts. Veggies and tasty salads follow the nuts. Fish in a grilled form is also a part of her diet.

Adriana Lima’s Diet Secret

This supermodel reveals how to get a fabulous figure with a splendid diet. She has liquids nine days consequently. She makes protein shakes, which are high in powdered egg. During 12 hours before appearing on the runway, Adriana Lima refuses having water completely. This diet secret will help you lose calories.

Coco Rocha’s Diet Secret

Born in Canada, the supermodel Coco Rocha shares her diet secret with us. She recommends having cereal, as it is rich in fiber and doesn’t contain any sugar. Whole grain provides you with the necessary energy. Coco Rocha uses cereal for breakfast and for lunch, she goes for tasty salads and eats sandwiches, as well. Then for dinner, the supermodel again opts for cereal.

Heidi Klum’s Diet Secret

Here is another supermodel diet secret worth following. Heidi Klum shocks us with her fit body, which is achieved due to her amazing diet without carbs. This diet requires avoiding pastas and bread. You should also avoid eating corns in order to lose extra pounds. Instead, you should eat protein-rich foods.

Naomi Campbell’s Diet Secret

The supermodel Naomi Campbell advises to go for the Master Cleanse, which includes lemonade and herbal teas. This diet has a detoxifying feature. Consider that it is a little risky, as you will have to drink liquids for 10 days without any food rich in nutrition. This type of diet will help you lose calories quickly.

Choose which of these supermodel diet secrets would you like to try. They are all healthy and the result will please you.

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